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4 Best Free Keyword Research Tools

4 Free Keywords research tools

Researching a keyword is a challenging task because choosing the right keyword is very important for traffic in any blog. Through keyword research, we can quickly rank any keyword in Google or another search engine. From this, you can see that good traffic starts coming on the blog. So now we will know about 4 Best Free Keyword Research Tools to Increase Your Traffic.

If you do blogging and call traffic from Google, then the keywords must be understood from the pitch. Moreover, it is also essential to choose the right keyword for which the posts are written.

After selecting the keyword, write the post following On-Page SEO. For Keyword Research, you will find many websites or tools on the Internet. From which you can quickly research keywords. However, most of these keyword research tools will be available to you in Paid.

The cost of keyword research tools is very high. That’s why no new blogger purchases. Keeping this in mind, this post or article has been written. In which free keyword research is given, through which you can quickly do keyword research. This post or article is for new bloggers who do not want to spend on keyword research tools. I also do keyword research using these keyword research tools.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Here are some ways to do some free keyword research, through which you can easily search for keywords and increase the traffic of your blog. The keyword research tool is as follows.

1) Google AdWords: Google Keyword Planner

Google AdWords is a Google product that gives us a free keyword research tool named Google Keyword Planner.

With Google Keyword Planner you can quickly search for keywords. Along with this, you get all the information of Keyword Bid-Price, Average Searches, Competition, and so forth. Which help you to select keywords.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

2) KWFinder (Best Free keyword research tool)

Google AdWords: Google Keyword Planner is the best alternative KWFinder tool, through which you can do Keyword Research in Free. With kWfinder, you can also get the keyword’s SEO Difficulty and Search volume, along with information about the keyword top ranks competitor. The KWFinder tool is available in both free and paid versions. You can only research five keywords in 1 day.

How to use KWFinder (Best Free keyword research tool) :

# 1: Visit KWFinder’s site.

# 2: Login / Signup | Also confirm the email id as well.

4 Free Keywords research tools

After login is complete, KWFinder’s Homepage will be open.

# 3: Now enter the keywords you want to know here. Select the location and language and click on Find Keyword Button.

# 4: Now a new web page will open where you will get all the information about the keywords you entered. Also, the keyword suggestion list will also be available. By which you can select other keywords according to your keywords.

4 Free Keywords research tools

You can now use it by checking the keyword’s SEO Difficulty and search volume. (Note: – The less likely the SEO will be the difficulty, the more they help in ranking your keyword.)

In the Free Version, you can only research only five keywords a day.

3) Google Search Engine

Search Suggestion through Search Suggestion, you can easily find a good keyword. For this, you can get the help of google search engine. Google suggestion is the keyword they often searched. That’s why you can use these keywords to increase the traffic of your blog.

4 Free Keywords research tools

How to use Google Search Engine: Search Suggestion: Open Google search engine and start typing, automatic search suggestion comes next.

* Note that for the country you are searching for, the Google search engine opened the same example: – Google.co.in (for India) and Google.com (us)

Now let’s start entering the keyword. Soon the google suggestion list will begin, according to your keywords, select a long tail keyword. With the help of AutoComplete, in Google search, the keyword which is the way to do research.

4) Google Trends

Google Trends is a Google product by which you can get information about keywords, topics and categories in what is in trend in Word wide.

To find a keyword, you can get a good topic from google trends and also check the search topic which is being searched on Google the most.

How to use Google Trends:

# 1: Visit Google Trend’s Site.

# 2: Now you will have the option to search here, you can search by entering your keyword or any keyword topic. (You can choose the country in which you are targeting a keyword.)

4 Free Keywords research tools

Now in the new page, you will get this keyword or topic search result where you will be shown interest over time between 0-100 (0 = interest over time null 100 = interest over time high) Now you can find the keyword according to the excitement over time results.

In Google Trends, you can also find Keyword through Trending Searches, Top Charts and more.

4 Free Keywords research tools

Last: You can quickly increase the traffic of your blog by doing keyword research through the Free Keyword Research Tools given above.

I wish guys this post will help you if you are a beginner or running a blog. If you have any difficulty regarding any of tool, then you can contact me or ask me in the comment below. If you like this post, then support us by sharing it with your friends and relatives. Also, show your love by sharing it on your Facebook and Twitter account. If you want the latest update, then you can follow us.
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