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Best Business Start in the Village

Best Business Start in the village, Millions of profits

When we keep the village and business together, the first thing comes to our mind that if the business was victorious in the town, why would people leave the village and go to the city? In this post, we will talk about some Best Business start in the Village.  Such things have supported in earlier times, but in the changing times, doing business in the town is not a loss deal. It has happened many times that people opened a small shop in the village and later did not benefit from it, then frustrated and turned towards the city and got engaged in any job.

However, now you can establish your business in the village with the help of modern medium and earn profit from it. Here we will tell you about some business ideas that by which you can spend time in your village and make good money.

Banana farming business


In the village, good earnings can be done through farming. Most farmers in India do traditional agriculture right now. Paddy, wheat, pulses, and sugarcane farming. If you go ahead, then you can cultivate banana in the village. Banana cultivation is very beneficial. In this, production of the banana crop in one and a half bigha can give you profits up to Rs 3 lakh. Early investment in banana cultivation can be around 60 thousand rupees, and with one plant you get the benefit of up to Rs 250.

About 1.500 banana plants will be planted in one and a half bigha so that your earnings can be up to Rs. Three lakhs. Now you remove the amount of rupees 60 thousand from this and remove the amount of maintenance and pesticide spraying up to 40 thousand rupees, your total profit is made of Rs 2 lakh which is very good.

Aloe Vera cultivation is very useful

Aloe Vera

In the same way, you can start the cultivation of aloe vera in the village. Aloe vera is a type of plant that has a particular kind of fluid in its leaves, which has all its advantages. Aloe vera juice is beneficial for the skin, so many big companies sell gel from Aloe vera juice and make it in the market.

Aloe vera market in this sense is enormous, not only in India but also abroad, there is much demand for Aloe vera gel, for the cultivation of aloe vera you have to invest up to 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees initially.

How to cultivate aloe vera

Aloe vera

Here we can tell you that after planting aloe vera plants once, they live on the farm for 3-5 years. According to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, plantation expenditure comes to about 30 thousand rupees for the cultivation of aloe vera, and you can cultivate aloe vera in the initial investment of Rs 30-40 thousand, ie, 60-70 thousand rupees.

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Once the aloe vera harvested, you can get a reasonable price in the market. One kg Aloe Vera costs Rs 8-9. It has 2500 plants in a baggie, so you can comfortably earn 40 thousand rupees per hectare with a beige farm.

Papaya farming


You can cultivate papaya in 2 bigha farm in the village. In this, select varieties of papaya and grow them. The five agricultural papayas of the Indian Agricultural Research Center, Pusa, include Pusa Dellasius, Pusa Majesty, Pusa Giant, Pusa Minha, and Pusa Dwarf. Pusa dwarf is considered the best for cultivation.

They also produce papaya from 4 centimeters in length. At the same time, the plants surrounded by dense puppies. According to an estimate, there is an income of Rs 18 to 20 lakhs in the one-acre farm. For this, you can get complete information from Pusa Center.

Flower cultivation has strong profits


In the village, flowers can give you excellent benefits. There are a few different varieties of flowers that people buy for bouquets or decorations. Knowing about these variables, find out the areas where these flowers cultivated. Then make a budget and meet the farmers and buy flowers from them.

Open the place in your shop city where the compression for you is low, and the market is significant. For starting flowers, business requires a minimum of 15,000 to 20,000 rupees.
Demand for fancy flowers in the market

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You can also do this business on a large scale. From a simple location, this business can be the startup to a maximum of Rs.20, 000. In this business, profit is received very quickly. If you buy flowers by buying flowers from the flower market and selling flowers and buffaloes, then you get double and triple profit.

If you spend 1000 rupees on your flower, then you get the benefit from 2500 to 3000 by selling those floral wares and selling them. So, the more profits your business will get, the more profits you get.

Step up to advanced farming

When we talk about the village, the perimeter of our business becomes very limited. For example, all our attention goes on the trade related to agriculture. In today’s time, many people are making the profit by non-conventional farming. There are many options for earning through agriculture. Many times it happens that a poor farmer does not have land and he does his farming by cultivating the property of others.

Such farmers can also make their lives happy by adopting advanced farming. Suppose a farmer does not have land and he is cultivating 2 to 4 bigha of the second farm, out of which he gives half the yield to the landowner, and keeps himself half. There is no benefit in this, only one part of the return provided to the farmer and nothing else. Now the same farmer will cultivate grains in 2 bigha fields, and the remaining two bridges will be sold in the area by growing aloe vera, banana cultivation, and vegetables and so on, then its profit will increase.

Other Small Business Ideas for the Village

real estate

In addition to cultivation, you can start some small business in the village. In this, you have to keep in mind that whatever things you are trying to sell to the people of the village, their prices are very economical. You cannot rent the village according to the city.

In the village, you can start the business of Momos and Chaumin. Generally, these things do not appear in the town, so you can start this business at a cheap rate in the village. For this, choose a place where children and youth should come and go.

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