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How To Apply For Google Adsense and Get Approval

Google Adsense

Hello friends, there are many problems in getting Google AdSense account. New bloggers do not know enough about blogging because they don’t do, when to apply and how to apply. When new bloggers apply for AdSense for their blog or website, their AdSense gets rejected. If this happened to you, then you can read this post carefully because I am telling you some exclusive tips for applying AdSense in this post. You can follow these five points and get easy access to the AdSense account

If we pay a little attention, it is straightforward to approve a Google AdSense account on your blog. Just follow the Terms and Conditions of Google AdSense and Policy and follow some of the Imprint tips to get AdSense fast Approval. After that, you can easily approve an AdSense account for your blog. Today I am sharing you with some exclusive tips for you to advertise Google AdSense Account in this post. With these tips, I have already approved the AdSense in my other blogs.

Exclusive tips for applying Google AdSense Account

1) Blogs are at least one month old

However, according to the policy of AdSense, blogs in India must be at least six months old. However, if your blog has good content, 100+ posts, visitors are coming up well, and you are writing regular articles, then you can apply for AdSense in 1 month too. However, I have noticed that many new bloggers apply for AdSense instantly within a day or two after creating a blog. It is entirely wrong; you will never get approval from AdSense. So first you have to manage your blog well. Moreover, at least one month later, if you feel you can apply for AdSense. Apart from this, if your blog does not have too many articles then first write it. Moreover, the traffic is also low; then you should apply for AdSense after six months.

2) Your age is 18+

If you are below 18 years of age, then do not apply for AdSense because there is a policy of AdSense that you should be at least 18 years. If you are below than 18 years old and still ask for AdSense, your application will reject. Therefore, I will suggest you apply for AdSense only after the completion of 18 years.

3) Make the necessary page

Before applying for Google AdSense, make the necessary pages on your blog or website such as: – About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Sitemap, Disclaimer, and so forth. Without these pages, AdSense never gets approved. Therefore, before applying for Google AdSense, make all these necessary pages on your blog or website so that the AdSense approval is readily available.

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4) Do not write copyright content. Write AdSense Supported Content

Do not copy – paste from anywhere. Do not copy any of the articles you write to your blog, do not copy any of the words written by yourself because Google AdSense does not show ADS on copyrighted content. So if your blog has copyright content, then AdSense will not allow you too. So write your content on your site, write a unique type, write so well that Google approves your post and write AdSense supported content. The AdSense policy and guidelines are – Google AdSense does not like pornography, adult, sexual, War, such as content on the site. So write on a topic that Absence supports.

5) Have at least 50 posts/articles and traffic

If there is no post in your blog then applying for AdSense is of no use. So first of all, write at least 50 articles in your blog. The more posts, the more ads will be approved by the AdSense applicant. So write more and more posts. Also, the traffic should also be excellent. Your blog should have at least 300 to 500 visitors every day on your blog or website. If your blog has 50+ posts and 300 to 500 traffic is coming, then you can apply for AdSense.

6) Use a responsive theme or template

To get the AdSense approval, your blog or website theme also matters because AdSense approved only those website which is responsive, mobile-friendly or SEO friendly. So make sure your blog theme should be that which can open in mobile phone quickly, and the page loading should also be low. Apart from this, don’t use any image in the background. It decreases your loading speed. So keep your background white.

On your website use the only important widget. Don’t use any useless widget. Your navigation should be fast and smooth. If possible, then your blog design should be simple, means your template should be clean and fast.

Some Special Reasons for Rejection

1. After making a new website or blog, apply for AdSense.
2. Using copyright images
3. Website loading speed very poor
4. Didn’t get organic traffic
5. The number of posts is deficient
6. Didn’t submit your blog or website on Google console
7. The sitemap does not work properly
8. Didn’t follow Google Policies

So, friends, this is some exclusive tips for obtaining approval in Google AdSense. If you follow all these tips. So you can quickly get an AdSense Account for your blog. I hope you like this post. Moreover, all the steps I have told you above. I hope you understand well. If you have any problems or ideas, then you can tell us by commenting below. Apart from this, if you have not following our blog then follow now so that you can get information about all our new posts continuously.

If you didn’t get approval yet, then you can contact me. I will audit your website and tell you the problems. You can fix it and apply again. If you love this post, then share it to your friends and relatives. So share it with your Facebook, Twitter and google plus account. If you want to know anything new, then you can send us a mail that we can post that topic in your blog.

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