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How to Make Money from WhatsApp

How to Make Money from WhatsApp

How to Make Money from WhatsApp

Hello guys, Today I will describe to you that how to make money from WhatsApp, Yes friends, as we all remember that WhatsApp is a messenger, You can send messages, calls, photos, videos, and so forth. To the person sitting miles away, or talk about it, with the help of the same WhatsApp. So today we will know that how to make money from WhatsApp. Just read this post from the beginning to the last.

Friends WhatsApp is a viral mobile application. Every internet user who has an android mobile phone knows how to run WhatsApp. This application was launched in January 2009, which was bought by Facebook company owner Mark Zuckerberg in February 2014. It was not extremely famous in the beginning.

However, it has started using a lot more than a few years. Children-old people are using WhatsApp. So I thought why not I would not make a post on it. In today’s time, everyone wants to earn money from home. So in this post, you will find lots of ways to make money from WhatsApp,

What things we need to make money from WhatsApp

1. Smartphone
2. Internet Connection
3. WhatsApp Group (With large no. of people)

How to Make Money

So friends let’s start, First of all, I want to tell you that it is not so comfortable that I’ll let you know the way and you will earn money from tomorrow. You have to work hard to make money online. First of all, to start making money from WhatsApp, on your mobile there should be lots of contacts because your earning is proportional to the no. of visitors. So if you have more than 500 connections, then it will be straightforward to grow in this field.

The topic which we will talk about are below-

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Refer
  • PPD network
  • Link Shorting
  • Online Teaching

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an outstanding way to make money from WhatsApp. If some of you don’t know about Affiliate Marketing, then you can read our post Affiliate Marketing. We know that in affiliate marketing, we have to sell some products and by the price, we get some commission.

There are lots of company which provide this facility. When selling some products, you can get a right amount of commission. So to sell the products you can use WhatsApp. As you can post the affiliate link on your WhatsApp group and also send the personal message to the people, who need any products.
It’s straightforward that if you sell more, then you will get more amount of interests. I have mentioned some website which provides this facility.

Best websites for Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • vCommission
  • Payoom

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PPD Network

If you don’t know about the PPD Network than the full form of PPD is Pay Per Download. It is a network which pays you when someone downloads the file from his or her websites. If you upload any data on their sites then as the downloading count increase, then you will get a right amount of money.

OpenLoad.co is a PPD Network. It is famous in the world because it provides the highest rate of commission. In this platform, you have to do only some easy tasks like- Upload Movies, Songs, Software, Images and so forth and after uploading you have to send that link on your WhatsApp contacts. When the number of downloading increase then you will get the amount.

List of some PPD (Pay Per Download Network)

  • Users Cloud
  • Upload Ocean
  • Daily Uploads
  • Uploads.to
  • FileIce.net
  • Share Cash
  • File Bucks
  • Link Bucks Media
  • Dollar Upload


It is also an outstanding way to make money. As we know when any application or websites starts then it provides this facility to gain the traffic. In this method, the company offer you a unique link; if you share that link and someone joins that application from your link, then you will get some commission. There are lots of apps which give this facility. I have mentioned some great apps that you can join and earn money.

  • Earn Talktime
  • mCent
  • Ladooo
  • Tasks Bucks

If you have a large group and all members are active then you can earn money by promoting another brand. You can charge to improve their services. As if someone wants traffic on a particular niche then you can send the link in your group and can charge for it.

Shorting Links

It is an adorable and easy way to earn money. In this case, you have to short any link like- you can short your affiliate link. This platform is now on treading. You saw lots of URL on the description of YouTube videos. So if you make a short link and someone clicks on that link and open,s then you will get some money. If you have a blog, then you can make some short link on your blog, which will very helpful for you. I have mentioned some useful websites which provide the highest rate-

  • Shorte.st
  • Adf.ly
  • Linkbucks.com
  • Linkshrink.net
  • Short.am

Online Teaching

If you are a master in any field and you want to share your knowledge with other, then you can also earn from this. You can make a group, and if someone wants any information, then you can charge for it. So it is also a straightforward way to make money online. If you’re going to open any coaching, then you can create a banner of your coaching, and then you can share it with your groups. If someone wants to join it, then you can charge your fee.


So friends, how was this post. I have mention lots of ways to make money from WhatsApp. It is not necessary that you follow all the points. You can choose those, where you can make lots of money. If you have any doubt or you didn’t understand any point above then you can contact me anytime. If you own an idea, then you can tell us in the comment below.

I hope friends, you will like this post. If you learn anything new from this post, then support us by share this post with your friends or relatives. Your support gives me motivation. If you desire any information on any topic, then you can send us a mail or contact us.

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