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How to make money from YouTube

How to make money from YouTube

How to make money from YouTube

Today’s time most Internet users tend to visit YouTube for any information or any latest product reviews. However, do you know that from YouTube you can earn a living from home?
There are many YouTube’s and YouTube Channels, which are earning millions of rupees per month by uploading 2-4 video videos on YouTube every month. There are dozens of ways, such as Blogging for Money, Affiliate Marketing, Adsense, while earning money from the Internet, but YouTube is the funniest way to do it. If you have a little talent in it or you can do something that people like, then you can earn money by having fun sitting in your house by making a video and uploading it on YouTube.
Best Money Making Idea with Zero Investment

By the way, There are lots of ideas to make money online, but YouTube is an excellent option in which you can earn good money without investing.

Colossal Audience Available on YouTube:

YouTube’s most significant quality is that there is already a substantial audience on YouTube. It is a ready-made platform for you. It is not the case with blogging or other online money making options. In blogging, you first have to add Audience, and it takes much time. You have to upload good video content in YouTube channel and have to write video description correctly. If your video content is fantastic, then the rest of the work will be done by the viewers already present there.

No Domain or Hosting Required:

You do not need any Domain or Hosting to earn money from YouTube. For example, if you want to start your blog on WordPress or any other platform, then you first need a Domain Name and hosting service to host it, while you can get your Gmail ID You have to log in and create your own YouTube Channel. Then you can quickly earn money by uploading video in that channel and sitting at home.

Easy and Free Platform:

YouTube is the easiest way to earn money by sitting at home, and its most significant feature is that it does not take any money from us in exchange for any of our services. In almost all other ways, you will have to spend some cash, but from YouTube Registration to Video Uploading and Monetization, the whole service offers free.

Easily Google Adsense Approval:

Getting Google Adsense Approval in YouTube is much more comfortable than blogs. I know many bloggers who had to wait for several months to get Google Adsense Approval but here you got approval from Google Adsense very easily for YouTube Channels.

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How to Make Money

There are so many YouTuber’s on YouTube who is earning much money sitting at home. Some people are also those whose earnings are more than ten lacks rupees a month. You can make money from YouTube very quickly by following a few steps –

Create your YouTube Channel:

To Make Money From YouTube at home, first of all, you have to create your channel on it. A YouTube channel is a Place where we upload our video content. For this, we have to build our account on YouTube. YouTube is a service of Google, so if you have already created a Google Account, you can also use it in Login to YouTube or create a new account.

Your YouTube Channel should be related to a specific Genre / Niche. Before creating a YouTube Channel, you should define its genre and use the related keywords in the YouTube Channel. The title of your YouTube Channel should also be Genre Specific and Easy to Remember. It will make more comfortable for people to join and remember.

Upload Your Video Content:

After creating the YouTube Channel, you should upload your Video Content in it. When uploading a video, it should keep in mind that it is of original and excellent quality. It’s accuracy, Music and Lighting should be in excellent condition. You have to remember that the video should not be too long because viewers do not like to watch the long and bad quality video. If your video is Topic Broad, then you can separate it by dividing it into several parts.
A video should be Eye-Catching. Tag your video with Genre Specific Keywords to make it easier for viewers to find it through YouTube Search. Your effort should be to upload your new videos regularly. By which you can maintain your Audience.

Extend your Audience:

Your audience on YouTube is the reason for your earnings. According to a research video with 1000 views, you can earn up to ₹ 100 on average (although revenues from YouTube are dependent on many things like visitors, content, Per Click Rate, Ads Clicks). Your amount will increase in the same proportion of the increase in audience. Therefore it is essential to improve the public and preserve this.
For this, please use the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so forth. Communicate with your viewers in comments and answer the questions asked by them. Sometimes, make videos based on their problems and upload them. Apart from this, the public will be influenced by you and will remain with you.

Monetize your videos:

To start earning through your videos, you have to monetize them. Monetizing means that you are allowing YouTube to show an ad on your video. For monetization, it is necessary that your video be original and not copyrighted.

To monetize your video, click on Creator Studio on YouTube, and then click Status and features. After this, check the Monetization Option.

Link to Google Adsense:

After you check the Monetization Option in your YouTube Channel, you will have to link your YouTube channel with Google Adsense, which is available in the Monetization Settings in YouTube. Google Adsense shows advertisements related to your videos, and whenever a viewer clicks on it, you get money.

Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Videos:

Through affiliate marketing and sponsored videos, you can earn much money from YouTube. Nowadays, many companies offer Affiliate Marketing. In this, you get a link from the company which you place in the description of your video. These links are from a Buyable Product or Service.
When a viewer purchases that product by linking it, you receive a portion of the price as a commission. Gradually, when your YouTube Channel installed, you will also get Sponsor’s (Sponsors) for your videos, whose ads can earn money by showing you at the beginning or end of your video.

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