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How to open a petrol pump in India

How to open a petrol pump in india

In today’s era, people want to leave their jobs and why not open their business, many discussions come out by people on this discussion, and some people think about opening a petrol pump in the industry. Today, we will tell you everything about how to open a petrol pump in India.

It is an amazing business. If your mind is to open the petrol pump fully, then we have brought you the necessary information that you will know by reading this post that how much it costs to open a gas station, what is the rule of an opening petrol pump, how to open petrol a pump in India, and so forth. All the information will be mentioned here.

How to open a petrol pump in India

First of all, you have to know that if you are thinking to open a petrol pump then you have to consider yourself of becoming a big dealer. you might not believe that if this business of yours is run very well then you can earn millions or rupees. Lets know what the requirement you need to open a petrol pump.

As food is necessary for people. So, For vehicles petrol, diesel, CNG, and so forth are necessary. Nothing works without a vehicle, and the vehicle is junk luggage without an energy.

Let’s move ahead. Large Indian companies wants to open their petrol pump and they also open, but they want them to put money, but they do not have to work directly.

So if you want you can open your petrol pump by contacting those big companies, you can work with franchisees by continuing to make contact. They can see your experience and take interviews of yours and you can get the manager’s post.

In this post, we will respond to some questions related to the petrol pump which are going on in your mind which are as follows: –

  1. How to open a petrol pump?
  2. How can the petrol pump be opened?
  3. Business information on petrol pump?
  4. Rules and methods of opening the petrol pump?
  5. What to do to open a gas station?
  6. How much is the cost of opening the petrol pump?
  7. How to apply online for a petrol pump?
  8. How much does the Profit Margin come in petrol pumps?
  9. How to find the land for the petrol pump?

Opening the petrol pump is not so easy, but it is not impossible, you can open a petrol pump if you follow all the tips here.

Do you know, how many petrol pumps have made in India? India is deficient in petrol and due to which India prepares gasoline from outside, due to which the price of petrol is never constant, the cost of petrol always keeps oscilates.

It is very easy to make petrol pumps; it is a good idea to open petrol pumps that can earn you a lot of good money.

Petrol and diesel companies such as Essar, HP, Bharat Petroleum, Reliance Petroleum, etc.

Companies always advertise for new petrol pumps and growing their network. If you are a village or a city, if you have a place to open a gas station, you can apply today.

Rules for opening the petrol pump, the eligibility to open a petrol pumps are as follows:-

  • You must be between 21 years to 55 years old
  • Must be an Indian citizen
  • At least 10th passed

Earlier the system of financing and so forth. Has been terminated and has already reduced the security deposit. It means that the gasoline pump opened with ease.

The ground rules, the necessary paper for the property

  • There should be legal documents of property that include the property’s address and name.
  • The property should be made a map.
  • It should be in the legal area
  • If the land is agricultural land then you have to convert it yourself, you have to make non-agricultural changes.
  • If you do not have your land, then the owner of the property will have to give a NOC (No Objection Certificate).
  • If there is water and electricity connection in the land, then it is a good thing for you. Otherwise, you will have to solve it yourself.
  • If your land is in a green belt, then you can not apply for a petrol pump.
  • If you have landed on the lease, then it is mandatory to have a Lease Agreement.
  • It is compulsory to register a registered deed or lease deed.
  • If the land is in the name of a member of your family, then you can apply for a petrol pump. For this, you have to make a NOC and Affidavit.

You see, this is precisely the way you are hiring a shop, then all these rules also work for you.

What to do to open petrol pumps

Petroleum companies regularly advertise every day, every week, in the newspaper and on their website that they have to start petrol pumps at this place, you have to see the address given in the paper, and if your land is in the same place when you apply for it. Can do.

You can apply for it even if your property is not also in that place and around it. It’s just enough that Indians are just sufficient. The land can be found anywhere, and it is only to see that they are officially legal.

The cost of opening petrol pumps

The expenditure which comes in opening the petrol pump depends on the area if the area comes in a rural area, the cost depends on it, and the metropolitan area is then the price is accordingly.

Yes, it is very cheap to open in a petrol pump village, it will cost about Rs. Fifteen lakhs and if you talk about a metropolitan area, then you can spend about 25 to 30 lakhs, which can be read by some rupees Reads to deposit separately for security but this value will be returned to you later.

How much should be the land to open a petrol pump?

Seeing the opening of the petrol pump can also be opened in 100 yards, but it depends on you, it is straightforward to open the gas station, you have a good ground good area.

Suppose you have taken place in an area where no one goes far away, then it can harm you.

Be seen in a good area such as highways should be at least 1200 square meters to 1600 square meters for you and in cities like Urban, you should be 800-900 square meters.

How to Apply Online for Petrol Pumps

How to Apply Online for Petrol Pumps

First of all, you have to visit the official websites of the big companies

Hindustan Petroleum

Bharat Petroleum

India Oil

HP Retail

Relaince Petroleum

Petrol companies continue to advertise on their websites; you can go to the site of all the Petroleum Companies and view the advertisement and apply.

You can apply online for a petrol pump, which is a very active process. If you find it hard to do online lifting, then you can take help of someone and if there is any problem, tell us through the comments that we will help you.

To apply the petrol pump online, we have given you a website link below which you can click on your official website and use for a petrol pump.

What is the profit in selling petrol

It can be said that removing all the expenditure from gasoline, if seen, then the benefit of 2.5 to 3 rupees per liter.

If you sell at least 1500+ liters of petrol in a day, then you can make 3500 to 5000 in a day. Those petrol pumps which are very large, they sell 4000 to 5000-liter gasoline in a day.

5000 liters per day means daily earning Rs. 15000. And maybe even more will be your earnings.

What is the profit margin in diesel?

The price of diesel is lower than petrol, which clearly shows that the profit in diesel is less than gasoline. You can make a profit of Rs 2-2.5 in a liter of diesel.

If your petrol station is in the right place on a highway, then there is much earning, and there is much demand for diesel.

What is the procedure for opening a petrol pump

  • Keep checking the advertisement daily on the Petroleum Company’s website.
  • Companies also keep advertisements in Newspapers Newspaper Magazine, and you keep checking them always.
  • After receiving the advertisement, you can apply online with all the documents and also offline.
  • If you have selected your petrol pump instead, the company will contact you and call for the next process.
  • After selection in the 1st round, there is a face-to-face interview in the next series, and after that license, a license will be given in your name.
  • If there is any question in your mind, then you can ask us your question in the comment box below. Your questions will be answered quickly.

Carefulness while opening petrol pump

It often found in the newspaper that the name of getting a petrol pump is very deceptive, and many fake people trap innocent people directly into it.

If any person come to you and say that he will open a petrol pump, then you should find out whether the company he is talking about is also a man of that company or not.

You need to contact the company and ask whether this person belongs to the company or not. Such bogus people have betrayed the money of many people in advance. You do not give money to an unknown person. Your caution is with you.

Please tell us how you know this information. If you have opened the petrol pump, the way to open the petrol pump is good, and if you understand it, then you can also begin your petrol pump.

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