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How to Submit & Verify Website on Alexa

If you have a website then definitely you want that your website should be famous or lots of person visits your site. However, do you how to check your website that how much it is popular or not. If you don’t know then today, you will know that how to check what is the position of your website on the internet. You know very well that how much visitors came to our site, we can check it with Google Analytics, but if, you want to check other person’s website then we can’t test it by Google Analytic. We can check approx. Correct information using Alexa.

Alexa is a widely used platform to check your website rank and other information. Today on internet approx. 80% people use Alexa. It is an excellent platform to test what’s going on your site and other websites. Here you can know about your competitor that how much traffic is coming on his website and what it’s rank.

What is Alexa

Alexa is a website on the internet which provides the rank of all the site on the internet. After using this website, you can know lots of things about your website apart from the position of the website.

How to verify & submit website on Alexa

It is not necessary that if you didn’t confirm your site, on Alexa then, you could also get the rank in Alexa. However, when we verify his website, then it shows some accurate data on our website. It will give you benefit for our site to rank.

Method to verify his Website on Alexa

In this process, you have to add a code on his website which provides you when you make an account on Alexa.

Step 1: First type Alexa.com On your address bar. As you can see below-

How to submit website on alexa

Step 1: Now click on the login button on the top menu. If you have an account then login or make a new account.

How to submit website on alexa

Step 2:  After login put your site URL on the URL box. After this,  you will see that there is an option to Certify your site’s metrics.
As you can see here in the red box-

How to submit website on alexa

Click on the link Certify your site’s metrics which is in blue font.

Step 3: After this, A new page will be open. In that page, you will see lots of option to get the certificate. As you can see below

How to submit website on alexa

If you have a WordPress website, then click on that link. If your website is not on the WordPress then simply copy the HTML code and go your website editor option and put it anywhere on your website after the head section.

Step 4: If your website is on the WordPress platform then simply click on the WordPress link then a new page will be open, which it looks like as below

How to submit website on alexa

Now download the Alexa plugin and activate on your website. After 3-4 hour your site will be verified.

I hope guys this is helpful for you If you have any doubt or you didn’t understand then simply type your problem on the comment section. I will get back to you, if you love this post then share it with your friends and relatives. If gives me the motivation to make you a helpful post.

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