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How to Write an SEO Friendly Post

How to Write an SEO Friendly Post

Do you want to write SEO Friendly post? So this article is for you only. In this post, I will tell you about Keyword density, Meta description, internal links, external links, focus keyword choice and so forth. If you want to know SEO friendly post then read the article How to Write an SEO Friendly Post.
SEO friendly post is just part of SEO. If you are new to blogging, you probably will not know about SEO, on page SEO and off page SEO.

On page SEO used to helps us increase the search engine ranking. You can understand by its name. Meaning, if we make some improvements in our article to improve search engine optimization, then it is called on page SEO.
However, if we talk about off page SEO, then we use it to increase the authority of the website. It is also part of an SEO. It includes backlinks, guest posting, directory submission and so on.
Now let us come to our main subject. What is an “SEO friendly post”? To write SEO friendly post, you have to take care of these ten things.

  • Using Original Content
  • Heading and Sub-Heading
  • Focus Keyword Selection
  • Internal and External Links
  • Image Optimization
  • The number of keywords.
  • Meta Description
  • Using the Paragraph.
  • Choosing the right font.
  • Article Length

If you take care of all these ten things, you can quickly write SEO friendly post. Now let’s understand in details.

How to Write an SEO Friendly Post

Using Original Content

Whenever you start to write a new article, you first have to keep in mind that your content is original. Means, it should be written by you. If you copy content from another blog or another website, then it is not good at all for your article’s SEO.

You can get an idea for your article from another blog, but you do not have to use it very much. Read the second block related to the topic you want to write about, and then write your article in your way.

Heading and Sub-Heading

Heading and Sub-Heading are very important in your article. Because it will give a good experience to those, who read it.
If you write your article without Heading and Sub-Heading, then no one will show interest in reading your article. It will increase your website’s Bounce rate which is not suitable for SEO at all.
That’s why always use Heading and Sub-Heading in your blog.

Focus Keyword Selection

Whenever a person searches Google, Google shows you results related to the same words.
Now suppose you are searching for the SEO friendly post? Google will show you the results related to this. Moreover, if you have selected this keyword Focus Keyword, then your article will also be displayed in Google search.
If your website is in WordPress, then you can use the Yoast Plugin.

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Internal and External Links

External Links: When we hyperlink a link from another website in our article, it is called External Links.
Internal Links: This is also the only part of the Hyperlink. However, in Internal Links, we do hyperlink any other post of our own.
It is essential for both SEO because Internal and External Links give good quality information to the reader. Google takes into account internal links and external links before ranking your page.
That’s why Internal and External Links are handy for your website and your blog.

Image Optimization

It is also a primary part of SEO; if you optimize your images, then you can quickly bring traffic to your website.
To optimize images, we have to use Alt Tag in Images. Moreover, Google understands our picture with the same Alt Tags. You can also link that image to your post; it will help you to grow your rank.

Number of Keywords

Whenever you write this article, you must keep in mind that how long that article is and how many keywords you have used in it.
Articles of over 500 keywords are considered suitable for SEO. So keep in mind that there should be at least 500 words in your article. If you use 2 to 5% keywords in your article, then your post will get good rank in google.

Meta Description

It is the summary of your article. Whenever you search any information on Google, you can see the Meta description below each link. Meta Description helps Google understand about the article. And with this help, Google rank your page. So if you desire to rank in Google then make a quality Meta description. Some points you have to mind that your focus and title keyword will be in the Meta description.

Use of paragraph

No person would cover your article unless it planned in section. That is why it is essential to use the part in your article.
Choosing the right font

Choosing Font is important because whenever a person falls into your article, it shows how easy it is to read your article.That’s why a selection of the phone becomes very important.

Article length

Google will also help you rank your article if you keep the maximum length of your post. Google always wants that any person who searches on Google should show such content that is useful to him.

If you make your article taller and better explain all the things in it, then many chances are increased that your page has a colour on Google’s first page.


I hope guys today you learn something about SEO friendly post. However, it is not sufficient, if you want to rank your website then you have to work hard and understand the algorithm of Google. Once you try to write SEO friendly article then definitely you will get rank in 2-3 months.

I hope guys, this post helps you to know about the SEO friendly post. If you love the article How to Write an SEO Friendly Post , then don’t forget to comment us that which new trick you learn now. If you like this post, then support us by sharing this post with your friends and relatives. If you want to the latest update, then subscribe below and became a member of us. To know more like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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