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Welcome to the Privacy Policy  of   Indiatechmoney

In this website what will share and what will you get on this website. Our privacy policy will help you to understand. If you follow our site, then you have to agree with our privacy policy. If anyone does not obey our privacy policy, then we have the right to block them from this website.

What we will share on this website

1. You will get a complete knowledge that how to make money online. If you have any question, then you can ask us from our contact form.

2. In this website, we will also share about the blogging. Like- blogger tips, blogger designs, blogger widget, blogger template, blogger SEO, create blogs and website. Means you will get the complete knowledge of blogging.

3. In this website, we will also share the experience with the technology and tech news.

What can we do for you

1. What type of knowledge we share you can ask about it through the comment box.

2. If you have any suggestion and any knowledge for our website, then you can directly connect us from the contact form.

3. If you want any other education, then you can also tell us. We will tell you that type of knowledge.

4. If you have any different kind of problem or doubt, then you can contact us on our website.

How to use Indiatechmoney

1. You can’t comment on an answer.

2. You can post only the post related question. If you have another type of problem, then contact us from our website.

3. You can not use vulgar words in the comment box.

4. You can’t use lousy behavior to any other our visitors.

5. If you have any problem with us or from our website, then you can directly contact us.

Third Party Links

You can post any other website without our permission. You can post only when it is necessary. If you publish any other link to our site, then we will not release it. So before the post, you have to tell us the reason. Otherwise, we will not publish it.

We will also use the Google Adsense program on this website.  Affiliate program can be use in future.  We will not force you to click our ads it’s your choice to click or not.

What we can do if you broke our Privacy Policy

1. We can delete your comment.

2. We can block you from

3. You can’t visit our site if we prevent you

Yes, we save the cookies on this site which we can use in future.

Privacy Policy Change

Yes, we can change our Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

If you have any problem with our Privacy Policy, then you can complain us to the contact us.

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