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Top 10 Money Saving Tricks for Retirees

Retirement is something for which maximum women and men look forward. Understandably, it means you burst away from routine work and commutes to begin tranquil and leisurely living. 

Indeed, retirement can be pleasurable, presented you plan for it during working days and well in progress.

Since your monthly income from a job will stop, it is imperative to plan for getting funds from other origins. These would generally include annuities and bonds, pension schemes, Mutual Funds, stocks, savings plans and other investments made during working days.

Though you may have stashed significant money by investments, retirement can prove very tricky. Unexpected expenses may crop up.

With a lifespan of Americans rising over the ages due to better healthcare, chances are, you could well move out of money unless you are prudent with spending.

Therefore, here are the ten best money-saving tricks that any retiree can efficiently utilize. They can support prevent you from running out of cash or downsizing your lifestyle at an advanced age.

Money Saving Tricks for Retirees

Money Saving Tricks for Retirees

Getting past may not be something very desirable for many of us. However, it is coming for every living person in this world. If you are serious about storing money and making the greatest out of your retirement, then read this post carefully.

1. Stay Healthy

Staying healthy

Staying healthy is the first facility to save money as a retiree. Healthcare values in the US are on the growth, albeit slightly, according to reports by several reputed companies. Average healthcare values for a senior couple stand at whopping US$280,000 reports Fidelity Investments.

You may have excellent healthcare coverage. However, what about those out-of-pocket costs? Further, medical insurance does not cover various other expenses.

Meaning, you would have to hack up that extra money. Instead, maintaining excellent health as a retiree can help you keep cash on undesired medical expenses.

2. Avail Senior Discounts

Thousands of businesses over America provide senior discounts. Became members of American Association of Retired Persons. It requires US$16 per year and is renewable. An AARP card gets you high senior discounts- up to 20 percent or even more in few cases, at several shops and service providers.

Some restaurants also provide discounts like McDonald’s and stores including Kohl’s and Walmart give discounts on select days for senior shoppers both in-store and online. You will require to prove age while getting such discounts.

Generally, senior discounts are accessible to retirees aged 60 and more.

Several websites give discount coupons and codes for seniors for in-store and online purchasing. Utilize these free coupons and codes to collect money on groceries, medicines and other essentials.

3. Take Side Gig

As a retiree, you will have ample spare time on hands. You will not waste it watching TV, surfing the Internet, reading books or some other gradually activity. Instead, lose a couple of hours daily by taking an easy online, work-from-home job.

Taking a part-time job from home gives you that feeling of independence. You can use all the skills and work experience to earn extra money from the house.

There are unexpected health benefits of taking a work from home job for retirees. Lots of American corporations look at hiring retirees with the best skills.

4. Avoid & Pay Off Credit

Credit such as debt, loans and credit cards come with hefty interest rates. They can eat your income from retirement plans and savings. To avoid this, you should pay them off while still working and before retirement. However, if you have some credibility as a retiree, there is nothing to worry.

If you are a retiree and you trapped with credit, try to deposit it off at the initial. Paying off credit assures you do not have to delve further into your savings or spend from income from investments. You may have to decrease expenses for some time, but the effort will show worthwhile.

5.Boost Your Savings

Majority of American retirees remain blissfully oblivious they can increase their savings. It can be made at any age and with whatever cash you have for retirement.

There are best ways and means to boost your savings and get higher returns as a retiree. Moreover, these are available from true origins too.

It is also possible to increase your 401(k) by consulting a financial advisor. It can provide you with some excellent returns you never believed were possible.

There are lots of methods and tweaks for raising your 401(k) and Roth 401 (k). Check this out with a certified financial planner.

Also look for great Individual Retirement Schemes (IRAs). Generally, taking IRAs separate for spouse and self is a better option.

6. Cut Big-3 Costs

The significant three costs for any retiree are transportation, food, and housing. They will take the bulk of your cash. With some study and preparation, you can lower these significant three expenses too.

The original is by cutting transport expenses. Since you will not commute to the job, using public transport works out lower than driving the personal car.

Cutting prices on housing may not be directly possible. You can hire a room at your house to travelers through Airbnb. It helps make extra capital and defray debt if you still have one.

Also, shop online for supermarkets using coupons and codes. When you buying during sales often helps save much money for retirees, since you get higher discounts.

7. Relocate to Other City

America has some large cities for retirees. They offer several benefits like under taxes, excellent healthcare facilities, and safety, among others. You can recognize moving home to several of these cities. Refer to the table of cities that are most retiree-friendly.

Understandably, there are lots of debates about whether you should relocate to a new area upon retirement. Some specialists advise staying in the same city since you are familiar with the area and have relatives and friends.

Others suggest relocation because it saves much money. Relocating to a newer area means you can buy a smaller retirement home and save taxes and other expenses.

8. Moving Abroad

Thousands of Americans move abroad post-retirement. It helps them save living expenses and taxes. Over nine million Americans were staying elsewhere as retirees, according to the US State Department values for 2016.

If you are satisfied with adapting to a foreign culture and climate, consider moving abroad as a retiree. It supports when you have lesser money too.

However, retiring outside requires a careful plan. It is not like to do overnight or hasten into blindly. While you can save money by moving overseas, you need to consider several things such as overall safety, healthcare facilities, taxation, and comfort.

9. Take Holidays Abroad

Yes, taking holidays abroad can help you save money as a retiree. It is due to currency exchange rates between the American Dollar and other currencies. However, this will require some planning. Alternatively, you can directly contact your trip agent and get details.

There are ample volunteering possibilities across the world possible for retirees. Organizations that require volunteers will not pay you any money.

They will provide basic needs like food and shelter. Volunteering as retiree helps you travel and experience different countries for cheap.

10. Make Good Budget

Drawing astute household budgeting helps save lots of money. There is no point in stockpiling stuff you do not need or may never use. Instead, buy only things that are necessary for a week or month, at best: you can always replenish supplies.

Use a good budgeting app to keep track of expenses. They help identify where your money goes. Some apps also provide alerts when you exceed a preset limit under any particular head like food, entertainment, and transport, among others.

Budgeting helps save frivolous expenses from your retirement income.


Saving money as a retiree is very important. As your age advances, options of obtaining more money reduce exponentially. You would not prefer to go without proper food, clothing, and shelter as a senior citizen.

Unfortunately, most Americans do not have enough funds for retirement, finds various studies. If you are a retiree, try these money-saving tricks now. Moreover, if you are planning to retire, these tips will come in handy.

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