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Top 100 Technology Facts

Hi friends In this post today, we are going to tell you some exciting and shocking facts about technology which is very interesting in itself.

According to our research, we will tell you some interesting facts from our previous technology and from the world’s first computer to Future Technology, after read all the post you will get defenetly some knowledge.

Top 100 Technology Facts

Top 100 Technology Facts

Technology Facts 1-

Charles Babes is called the father of the computer “Father of Computer.”

Technology Facts 2-

In the 19th century, a mathematical professor, “Charles Babes,” introduced everyone with the word “computer,” he has created an Analytical Engine, on which basis today’s computers are also working.

Technology Facts 3-

The total weight of the world’s first electronic computer ENIAC was 27 tons, and 1800 Square Feet area was needed to keep it.

Technology Facts 4-

Doug Engelbart developed the first computer mouse around 1964 that was made of wood.

Technology Facts 5-

In 1952 the trackball was invented by Tom Cranston and Fred Longstaff.

Technology Facts 6-

In 1969, Gary Starkweather invented the laser printer in Xerox.

Technology Facts 7-

Konrad Zuse invented the world was the first computer in 1936 and named it Z1

Technology Facts 8-

Computers we see today are being made since 1980

Technology Facts 9-

The first-gigabyte disk drive was released in the world in 1980. It weighed 550 pounds, that is, 227 kilograms.

Technology Facts 10-

Computers have a microprocessor which makes calculations super-fast

Technology Facts 11-

Computers have fans that keep them fresh. If the computer does not have a fan, then your computer can burst and crack.

Technology Facts 12-

More than 6,000 computer viruses are released every month. You might be surprised to know, but about 1500 viruses released every month make out the companies that make antivirus out of which the value of their products increases.

Technology Facts 13-

The average annual income of employees of Apple headquarters is $ 125,000.

Technology Facts 14-

In 2012, Apple sold 340,000 iPhones per day, i.e., 14166.6 iPhone per hour, i.e., about four iPhone per second, which is a record in itself.

Technology Facts 15-

The Apple iPad retina display is manufactured by Samsung, as we know Apple and Samsung are competitors of the other.

Technology Facts 16-

Apple earns $ 300,000 a minute, i.e., about 5000 dollars per second amazing !!!

Technology Facts 17-

The Apple co-founder sold 10 percent of its total stock for $ 800, and today the value of those shares was 55 billion US dollars in time.

Technology Facts 18-

Apple’s iPhone sales are more than all Microsoft products Oh my god!

Technology Facts 19-

The iPod’s creator first introduced the idea for Philips and Real Networks, but they failed to see its potential, wish they would not have rejected this offer.

Technology Facts 20-

If you use iTunes, you have already agreed not to use Apple products to make nuclear weapons.

Technology Facts 21-

Do you know that every third Indian employer in Apple is Amazing !!! If you are Indian, then you should be proud of it.

Technology Facts 22-

An iPhone has approximately 0.0012 ounces of gold, 0.012 ounces of silver and 0.000012-ounce platinum, which is equivalent to $ 1.52, $ 0.24 and $ 0.017 respectively, now it is understood how Apple had acquired gold from a broken iPhone.

Technology Facts 23-

Perhaps you might be surprised to know this, but more people than people in the world have their Toothbrush, and 70 percent of them have smartphones.

Technology Facts 24-

You must have never sent Text Massage, but did you know that 90 percent of text messages read within 3 minutes of being Delivered.

Technology Facts 25-

HTC launched the world’s first Android smartphone on October 22, 2008, but in reality, it was HTC’s dream to make the first Android phone

Technology Facts 26-

According to Reuters as the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadala is now the most powerful Indian executive technical executive officer in the world.

Technology Facts 27-

Microsoft files approximately 3,000 patients each year and owns more than 10,000

Technology Facts 28-

Microsoft did not have its web site until it bought a composer forum designed in 1993 for a support resource.

Technology Facts 29-

Did you know that the first floppy disk was invented in 1970, with the storage capacity of only 75.79 KB

Technology Facts 30-

Did you know that the eldest USB hardware pen drive in the world came into continuation in 1999, but it was launched in the market in 2000, at that time its storage capacity was only 8 MB

Technology Facts 31-

Microsoft saved Apple from being bankrupt, in 1997 the Apple company was getting bankrupt when Microsoft invested 150 million dollars in Apple.

Technology Facts 32-

Microsoft had developed the first SmartWatch with Timmax, which appeared in the year 1994.

Technology Facts 33-

About 9 million adults in the UK and one-third of Italians do not ever use the internet. Imagine that while there is a medical camp for internet addicts in China, but so far a massive population of people has never used it.

Technology Facts 34-

Humans do not generate most Internet traffic, but according to a recent study conducted by Incapsula by bots and malware, approximately two-thirds of 61.5% or all website traffic is caused by internet bots.

Technology Facts 35-

The world’s first website is still alive; it is not coming close to being glamorous because it is all text and hyperlinks, but the fact that it is still going on is awe-inspiring.

Technology Facts 36-

About £ 1.7 trillion worth of funds is spent online if you ever counted online hours, you have to get out.

Technology Facts 37-

Do you think that the Internet and World Wide Web are the same things? They are far away from Kosho, a network of internet computers, while the World Wide Web is a Pool, Information Sharing Pool.

Technology Facts 38-

World’s Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee was knighted by Queen Elizabeth probably royalty recognizes greatness because remember, Anthony Hopkins was knighted too.

Technology Facts 39-

It is surprising that what was the first image uploaded by the inventor of the modern World Wide Web? This nuclear research laboratory was a fun band of women from SEEN.

Technology Facts 40-

Every week on eBay, sales of $ 680, i.e., $ 40800 per minute and $ 2448000 per hour, then how much sales would be in a year.

Technology Facts 41-

Today, if you want to bring your idea online, then you need a domain name, and for which you have to pay a reasonable price and if it is a premium domain name then it can be worth millions, but 14 September Before 1995, got free Domain.

If we were online at that time then Blogger.com, Time.com, India.com, Pro.com, Fact.com, Country.com, Blog.com, Article.com, Knowledge.com, America.com, World.com, Video.com, You.com register, what do you register? Tell us in the comment.

Technology Facts 42-

Symbolics.com is the oldest and oldest domain that has completed 33 years on March 15, 2018.

Technology Facts 43-

Hackers stole from the Internet; Credit Cards sell the database very cheaply on the Deep Web.

Technology Facts 44-

You might be surprised to know, but in the USA, there are 29 million Internet users out of which 15 million users give Internet more importance than Call.

Technology Facts 45-

NSCA Mosaic, the world’s first Web browser, which was very famous, was developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Although it was officially closed on January 7, 1997

Technology Facts 46-

You might be surprised to know, but in 1956, to store 5 MB of data, the memory of 1 Ton, which was very heavy! At the same time, we can keep 5 TB Data comfortably in our Pocket.

Technology Facts 47-

Even if you had the ease of running the QWERTY keyboard today, it was designed so that people could reduce the typing speed, because keyboards were broken by more typing speed.

Technology Facts 48-

Hardly you know, but 92% of the world exists in the digital form, meaning that 8% of the world’s currency is available in the Physical Form only.

Technology Facts 49-

Which search engine do you use to search, perhaps Google But did you know that a search made on Google produces so much Co2 that something chewed in the kettle (where tea is made) can be boiled!

Technology Facts 50-

You will get lots of spam emails every day but do you know that only one person from 10 million Spam mail replies, although this creates some of the spammers earning.

Technology Facts 51-

You might be surprised to know, but the electronic mail service had already arrived from the WWW, which was considered to be a massive revolution of that time.

The name of the first microprocessor was “4004” Intel developed it.

Technology Facts 53-

Seagate introduced the first hard disk drive in 1979, which included 5 MB. Could have data of today’s hard disk storage 5Tb +

Technology Facts 54-

Farooq Alvi brothers in 1986 wrote the first computer virus.

Technology Facts 55-

Digital Equipment Corporation was the first computer company to register domain names.

Technology Facts 56-

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + Delete command was written by “David Bradley”

Technology Facts 57-

“Dirty Desgen” is the name of 12 engineers who designed IBM PCs.

Technology Facts 58-

HP (Hewlett Packard) was launched in 1939 in a garage of Palo Alto.

Technology Facts 59-

Micral N was the first personal computer made on Intel processor 8008 in 1972

Technology Facts 60-

Companies making the world’s largest software – #Microsoft, #Adobe, #Sap, #Computer Associates

Technology Facts 61-

The original URL of Yahoo.com was http://akebono.stanford.edu/.

Technology Facts 62-

Yahoo.com’s active monthly users are more than one billion.

Technology Facts 63-

1 April 2005 NASA said as mischief to find water on Mars

Technology Facts 64-

Radio takes 38 years to reach 50 million people.

Technology Facts 65-

Television takes 13 years to reach 50 million people.

Technology Facts 66-

iPod took just three years to reach 50 million people

Technology Facts 67-

To take photographs with the first made camera, he had to sit for 8 hours continuously.

Technology Facts 68-

A Dentist ‘Alfred Southwick invented the electric chair’!

Technology Facts 69-

The creators of the PNG file format wanted it to be called ‘ping’!

Technology Facts 70-

Skype is banned in China.

Technology Facts 71-

In 2012, at least 17 newborns baby were named Siri.

Technology Facts 72-

Did you know that the floppy disk was used to exchange external data before CD, DVD, and PenDrive

Technology Facts 73-

Do you know that the first floppy disk was created in 1970, with the storage capacity of only 75.79 KB

Technology Facts 74-

Did you know that the various used USB hardware pen drive in the world came into existence in 1999, but it was launched in the market in 2000, at that time its storage capacity was only 8 MB

Technology Facts 75-

Tech companies often test new products in New Zealand, the reasons for this? The country is diverse, its residents speak English, and if any product is a flop, then the news does not spread rapidly because it is relatively different.

Technology Facts 76-

In Japan, 90% of mobile phones are waterproof because many people use them in Shower.

Technology Facts 77-

If you have got a security bug in the code of Facebook, they are ready to pay big money (like $ 500 and above) to tell them about it.

Technology Facts 78-

In the world of technology, November 30 is known as “Computer Security Day.”

Technology Facts 79-

The first banner ad on the website was started in the year 1994

Technology Facts 80-

Registering domain names at the rate of more than two lakhs per month

Technology Facts 81-

The average 21-year-old Peoples has spent 5000 hours playing video games, 250,000 e-mails, instant messaging and text messaging and spent 10,000 hours on mobile phones.

Technology Facts 82-

Two-thirds of American internet users make online purchases.

Technology Facts 83-

Each minute, 10 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

Technology Facts 84-

In 1936, Konrad Zuse was named the world’s first computer. His next invention, Z2, was abolished in 1939 and it was the first entirely electro-mechanical computer.

Technology Facts 85-

Google uses an estimated 15 billion kilowatt-hours per year, which is more than most countries, though Google generates many of its power with its solar panels.

Technology Facts 86-

The inauguration of US President Bill Clinton was the first webcast in January 1997.

Technology Facts 87-

In 1980, the first two video games of the U.S. were Asteroids and Lunar Lander.

Technology Facts 88-

Approximately 4.2 billion people use the Internet. Of these, 2 billion Internet users are Asian. It estimated that if the Internet goes down for one day, then approximately 200 billion emails and 3 billion Google search will have to wait.

Technology Facts 89-

There are 200 camps for internet addict in China. 300 million internet users are between the ages of 15 and 35 years of age, so it is the highest that they lose self-control, according to Tao Running, a military hospital in Beijing Earlier, the Director of Internet Addiction Treatment Clinic said that 40% of the people accustomed to the Internet suffer from hyperactivity disorder in the deficit

Technology Facts 90-

30,000 websites are being hacked daily, beneficial computer software programs are used by cybercriminals to detect unsafe sites that can be easily hacked automatically

Technology Facts 91-

The first webcam was built at the University of Cambridge to monitor the Tronzine Coffee Pot. The status of the coffee pot was provided in the form of a 128 × 128-gram scale video feed.

Technology Facts 92-

Internet sends about 204 million emails per minute, and 70% of all email sent is spam; 2 billion electrons are required to generate an email.

Technology Facts 93-

Jack Dorsey made the first tweet on March 21, 2006, and the first YouTube video to be uploaded is 8:27 pm. But there was “Meet At Zoo.” Saturday, April 23, 2005, by Jawahar Karim

Technology Facts 94-

It is expected that 40 billion gadgets are going to be connected to the Internet by 2020

Technology Facts 95-

The queries that you search for are only a small percentage of the Internet, and this is often called ‘Surface Web,’ the rest is called ‘deep web.’

Technology Facts 96-

You can not even use a regular browser like Google Chrome or Firefox to access Deep Web, and people have to use ‘Tor’ to access ‘Deep Web.’ Although be careful, because there are so many strange things that come up there

Technology Facts 97-

Two thousand ten was the year, which had a tremendous event in Internet Life. In this year, Finland became the first country to get legal rights to the Internet.

Technology Facts 98-

Want to know how popular Facebook is? Here’s a little fun for you, Almost half of the world’s population is Internet users, and about half of people are using Facebook

Technology Facts 99-

As you cross every minute, 72 hours of YouTube video content is being uploaded, and this is just a website. To store all this data, you do not know how much storage will be required.

Technology Facts 100-

In 1990, Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the first web browser, it was called “WordWeb” (not be confused with the WWW). Later, it was changed to “Nexus.”

Technology Facts 101-

Microsoft Excel was the first office application created by Microsoft in 1982; the first Excel was named Multiplane.

Technology Facts 102-

The first version of Microsoft Excel was made not for Microsoft DOS but Apple Macintosh.

Yes, this is strange, but this is true when Microsoft released Windows in 1987, the Axl had already been upgraded to version 2.0.

Technology Facts 103-

When was the first Microsoft Office package released?

It was in October 1990 when Microsoft released the first office package that included Word 1.1, Excel 2.0 and PowerPoint 2.0 …

Technology Facts 104-

About Email Marketing, you will know that the start of Email Marketing was started in 1978. It is credited with the introduction of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) to GaryThuerk who sent the first Mass Email to their 400 potential clients simultaneously using ARPANET. From that year, DEC’s Worth, Sales of 13 Million Dollars was made. And from then on, people were expected to use email marketing.

I hope guys today you will know some shocking and exciting facts about technology. If you find any mistake in any fact, then let us know by comment below. If you get any relevant information, then show your love by sharing this post to your friends and relatives.

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