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Top 5 PTC Sites in 2019

Top 5 PTC SITES IN 2019

There are billions of people globally who are dependent on PTC sites (Get Paid to click websites) when it comes to satisfying their extra earning requirements.

However, only a fraction of people are earning sufficient money from these PTC sites. There are numerous reasons for this, but one of the significant reason is many of them participate scam PTC sites.

So you don’t need to bother as we have tested hundreds of sites & after doing our research & receiving payments from some of the websites, we can suggest you to these PTC sites for additional earnings.

These sites(PTC Sites) are nothing but paid to click websites where you can join & get paid for seeing the ads. If you visit 5-7 minutes and work on one website daily, then you can earn $200 monthly from these six sites.

What are PTC sites?

PTC means “paid to click.”

PTC websites are promoting companies that pay cash for viewing ads online.It’s undoubtedly the greatest, most straightforward and the most comfortable way to make money online without investment from home – a successful business design that’s so famous worldwide.

No investment or professional skill required – No age restrictions at all.

Getting started is much easy. This job is so easy that most of the newbies don’t need any guidance or instructions to follow.

Just signup and log into your account, click advertisements every day and get paid – that’s it.

In these sites, sponsors pay for publicity of their ads while members get credited for viewing them.

There are millions of PTC sites available, but Indiatechmoney suggests only the best of the best proven PTC sites that have been paying genuinely for years till date.

What are the advantages of joining PTC sites?

These are the salient features and benefits of this business:

  • User-friendly
  • Free enrollment
  • Worldwide registration accepted
  • Home based job
  • Your time
  • Work anywhere
  • There is no professional skills needed
  • No investment expected
  • No learning curve
  • Multiple revenue opportunities
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Start earning immediately after registration
  • Always pay on time

How do PTC sites run?

PTC sites act as a broker between the advertisers and the members.

Online web marketers or promoters need traffic to their blogs or websites for promoting their products or services. So they require traffic from these paid to click sites that already have lots of registered users from around globally who are ready to view advertisements for cash.

These sites give unique traffic required by those online marketers or advertisers in exchange for cash and split the money for paying users for viewing those advertisers’ ads daily.

Each ad click is around $0.001 to $0.01(depending on the plan of the website). Some advertisers also advertise their ads in “offers” section, and these can be accomplished by signing up for those plans or by trying new goods and services.

PTC programs allow you to make from surveys (based on questions and answers) and CrowdFlower tasks and pay charges to vary. In short, the more you use, the better you score.

Other than your activities, you will get a percentage of commissions ( or account upgrading) of your referrals’ activities that include sales, clicking adverts, doing surveys, completing offers (as we explained above), taking CrowdFlower tasks, participating in contests and so on.

How and when will I get paid?

The headquarter of these sites which we mentioned above in Europe and North America and pay by reliable e-commerce payment system Payza and PayPal.

In online business, it’s difficult to send payment from bank to bank as the prevailing trend is to pay through a digital payment system. Guess what, if companies don’t make automatic cash-outs, then how their online business can remain?

That’s why logic dictates the importance of automatic payment system. Through online payment service providers, you can quickly send, receive and withdraw your capital anytime you like.

PTC sites pay via Payza and PayPal, so you have to register an account with both these payment platforms.

Once you have enough amount in your PayPal / Payza account, you can withdraw it to your local bank account.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payment threshold is varied for each site like $2.00 to $10.00 – On reaching min cash-out, you can wish withdrawal to PayPal or Payza.

Some sites transfer money to the requested payment mode instantly while some pay in a week or two to five working days. So don’t panic and wait quietly for the payment to show up in your digital account.

What are the requirements for joining?

Every online business needs a setup to work.

Likewise, PTC sites have some requirements:

  • A private computer or laptop with internet connection
  • A Gmail account (recommended)
  • A bank account
  • An online payment processor account (PayPal and Payza)
  • A Pan card (for Indians only)

Joining any PTC site is free.

There are some suggestions if you follow & do it correctly then you can make more than $200 per month from these sites by working 20 minutes to 1 hour daily on these sites.

So don’t forget to read this post entirely.

Top 5 PTC Sites in 2019

We have done complete research & have received some payments from these 10 PTC sites. So you can register them from the members of these top 5 PTC websites. Although we have got some more trusted sites, we thought, we will tell you only those website which is easy to earn money, So we choose these 5 PTC Sites.


Top 5 PTC Sites in 2019

ClixSense surely is one of the most trusted PTC sites on the internet. There are the lots of ways you can make money from ClixSense.

If you work sincerely on ClixSense alone, then you can earn $200+ from this one website.


  • Earn by viewing completing surveys daily.
  • Earn more through various tasks and offers.
  • Multiply your earnings through an affiliate program.
  • Win per day prizes Up To $10.00
  • Fast Payment through Skrill or Payoneer.

Join ClixSense Here


Top 5 PTC Sites in 2019

NeoBux gives you a possibility to earn a high amount of money. If you are working and use all the earning ways it offers, then you can earn 1000$ or more just from NeoBux.

Everyone who earns knows that this is the PTC site which has paid its members a more significant amount than any other PTC site as well as that NeoBux is the PTC site with the highest rank in Alexa for several years now.

Benefits: –

  • Immediate payments
  • A lot of ads available daily.
  • Various upgrades offering a tremendous earning potential
  • Receive more money than other PTC sites by completing CrowdFlower Tasks; Coin offers and Pollfish surveys. It pays more for the same effort.
  • The only PTC is giving you an opportunity to pay nothing for an upgrade. You can get it as a prize and receive Points and exchange them for the upgrade.
  • Win everyday prizes up to $90.00
  • You can make from your rented and direct referrals.
  • Get paid directly through NETELLER or Skrill.
  • A comment from a Neobux user who makes $100 daily changed my whole thinking. He told me a simple strategy that any new member can apply & make $600 per month after six months of joining.

I did much research on this strategy, applied to my account, and within just 20 days I made $230.

Join NeoBux Here


You can make cash by taking surveys, completing offers from several companies & even by playing online games. There is an extra way of earning money by winning Raffles, Contests & Lucky Numbers.

If you require more cash, then you can refer PrizeRebel to your friends & families through Facebook, WhatsApp & other ways and get 20% lifelong earning.

You make in coins & you get $1 for every 100 coins. You can receive your earnings through BitCoin, PayPal or gift cards.

Join PrizeRebel Here


Top 5 PTC Sites in 2019

Although Paidverts is not as good as NeoBux & ClixSense, it’s rapidly gaining the trust of one of high paid PTC sites. People are earning significant income by working on Paidverts. The concept is distinct from other PTC sites.

When you join Paidverts, you require to click 16 Bonus Ads Points (BAP) or Activation every day till you click total 100 BAP Ads. You will begin receiving the paid ads only when you click 100 BAP ads.

The amount of paid ads depends on how much BAP you gain. So get as many as BAP as you can.

Join PaidVerts Here


Top 5 PTC Sites in 2019

It is another trusted sites for international members, but if you are from US & UK, then you will get more surveys & offers. There are many ways you can earn from InboxDollars.

Many people earn more than $100+ per month from this particular website by working 5-10 minutes a day.

People from US & UK can register InboxDollars. If you are from another count, by then focus only on ClixSense & Neobux.

Join InboxDollars Here

So these are the best top 5 PTC websites where you can join, get ensured of viewing hundreds of advertisements and other earning offers and regular payments. All these sites have got an excellent payment history with excellent feedback from their members.

Tips to earn more in PTC sites:

  • Make it a habit of viewing all the ads daily at a fixed time.
  • Go for a premium membership if you can.
  • Refer as several people as you can through email, Facebook, WhatsApp & other ways.
  • From all these sites, you can receive you’re earning through PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Skrill, Check & Other. The account is free on all these sites. You can withdraw you’re the amount from these digital payments to your local bank account.

I am sure if you work sincerely on these five sites, you can make a better extra income. There are dozens of genuine online jobs & if you need to know more ways of earnings & tips to make more profit then subscribe to the blog & keep visiting my blog Indiatechmoney.

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