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What is an IP address? How to find it?

What is IP Address?How to find it?

In this era of the Internet, we can easily do all the tasks which it seemed almost impossible to do first. Today the internet is increased around the world, and because of the various tools of the Internet, we can quickly get any knowledge sitting at home.

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Among them, IP address is a tool regarding which if you are an internet user, you have never heard it again. Every device such as a computer or smartphone has a particular IP address. With the help of which we have collected data on the Internet and data transfer. If you also require to know what the IP address is?

Moreover, how to find the IP address on your device? So read this article correctly today because we know what is the IP address today? How to identify the IP Address? That whole information given in simple terms.

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What is an IP address?

What is IP Address

Ip address which has full form Internet protocol address. Any device has a different IP address. The IP address is a method or protocol whose task is to reach the information sought by a device on the Internet to the router. Router accrues information and accesses the IP address from which it has been given the command.

We can not connect to any computer or device without an IP address. The IP address divided into four parts and it looks like something like The IP address created with 32 bit binary digit, which is very difficult to remember. For this reason, the IP address divided into four blocks. Each part can have some 0 to 255 points, and after four digits there is a decimal.

IP address version

So far, two versions of IP address have been launched which are being mentioned below.

ipv4 (internet protocol version 4): – This version works on 32 bit and is currently looking at increasing internet users if all Internet users are given a unique IP address, then 275 million different IP addresses can be created from ipv4 Are. However, seeing the increasing number of Internet users, ipv6 has been developed.

ipv6 (internet protocol version 6): – This version is made up of 128 bits. With this version, the unlimited IP address can be used.

How many types of IP address are there?

There are two types of IP address-

Private IP address: – When a computer, smartphone, or any other device connected in the form of wireless or cable, then it creates a private network. With the help of this network, files and resources easily shared. Therefore the address used for this process is called private IP address.

Public IP address: – It was given by IP address isp (internet service provider) and can not be changed by the user. Moreover, this address is unique in the Internet world. It connects directly to the Internet, for example, website, DNA server, internet server, broadband routers, and so forth.

How to find the IP address?

We can find the IP address in Google by adopting a straightforward method, here we are telling you about two ways to know the IP address.

  1. First of all, we have to search by typing “what is my IP” in the web browser of the device on which the smartphone or computer is going to check up. Moreover, here on top of you will be your IP.
  2. The second method is to click on the start menu on the computer and find run.


we have to press the window + R key and open the run command.
Now write cmd in the Run box and OK.
Now the cmd prompt has opened, now we have to enter “ipconfig” and enter it here.
Moreover, we will get the IP address of our computer.

What is the format of an IP address?

An IP address divided into four parts where each part separated from dot ‘.’

A common IP v4 address looks something like this. An IPv4 or IP version 4 address is 32 bit, which can not be used much more because it is only 32 bit and just 400 million IP addresses can be made, which is almost complete.

Not only computers or mobile phones but also every device connected to the Internet such as Google Home (Google’s speaker) also has an IP address, but there is nothing to worry.

The solution has also been found which we call IPv6; it is a 128bit IP address that will eliminate this problem. A modular IPv6 address looks something like this –

“fe80 :: 8187: af64: 2e37: 2543% 16c”

I hope today you get all the information about what is an IP Address and How to find out our IP Address. If you have any doubt then you can ask in the comment below.

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