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What is Backlink- know everything about it

What is Backlink

What is Backlinks-how to make quality Backlinks

Backlinks “is the most used word in search engine optimization. Many bloggers, who have just started a new blog or website, have difficult to understand what “backlinks” means. Today in this post, I will tell you about backlink meaning in SEO and its importance in online success.

Backlinks are incoming links to your webpage. When a web page linked to another page, it is called backlink. The number of backlinks on the page, the rank is as high as it is. Some necessary information about backlinks:

Link Juice:

Whenever a web page linked to your articles or homepage of your website, that link is called link juice. This link juice treats in the ranking of your article and also improves your domain authority. Being a blogger, you can stop link juice passing by using no follow tags.

Nofollow Link:

When a website links to the different site, but if that link has a nofollow tag, then it does not pass link juice. To ranking, any page nofollow links do not work.

Do-follow link:

By default, all the links you link to your blog post are called do-follow links, and they pass link juice to increase the ranking.

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Linking Root Domains:

Its means is the number of backlinks that come from the unique website on your website. Even if a site links to your website ten times, then it is also considered to use one-linked root domain.

Low-quality links:

Low-quality links are links that come from any harvested sites, automated sites, spam sites, or any porn sites. These links are a significant loss for you, so be careful while buying backlinks.

Internal Links:

Links that have linked from one page to another page, such as Links, are called Internal Links.

Anchor Text:

The text used in Hyperlink called anchor text only. Anchor text backlinks run very well if you want to link to any specific keywords.

How to Know Whether A Backlink Is A DoFollow or NoFollow

It is straightforward to know which link is dofollow and which nofollow
The simplest method is that if you use Firefox browser, then add NoDoFollow Firefox add-on to your blog and colour it a link; blue colour means dofollow link and red colour implies nofollow links.
If you are using chrome, then install SEOquake also works the same way.

Advantages of Backlinks in SEO

Getting backlinks from quality sites is essential, and backlinks should be contextual. If you are getting backlinks from related sites related to what your site is about, then you have the benefit, and they have to be authoritative and relevant sites.

Now let us know why you need to get backlinks for your site-

Improves Organic Ranking

Backlinks help you find excellent search engine rankings. If your site is getting organic links, from any other sites, then naturally your rank will be higher in the ranking of search engines.

Faster Indexing Of Site

Backlinks help search engine bots to find a link to your site. Mainly for a new website, getting backlinks is very important because it makes indexing of your site faster.

Referral traffic

The most significant advantage of backlinks is that they help you get the referral traffic. Usually, referral traffic targeted, and its bounce rate is also low.

How to Start Getting Backlinks

So far you have known the meaning of “backlink.” Now let me tell you how you can create backlinks for your sites:
Understanding Backlink SEO is one of the necessary, it does not matter how many backlinks you find, but the quality of backlinks makes a difference. If you are getting backlinks with the help of paid services, then Google Penguin’s algorithm can penalize you in the future. How to get backlinks on your blog?

Start writing quality articles

It is the most simple and best way to get backlinks to your blog. Tutorials and top-ten list are some examples of such posts, from which you can get lots of backlinks. Such articles based on correct research and practical examples.

Start Commenting

Comments are comfortable, and the best ways to get backlinks. Start Doing Comments using dofollow forums, dofollow blogs and on WordPress you can use commentator plugins.

With Commenting, you can get solid one-way backlinks and more traffic and also gain better search engine visibility.

Submit to Web Directories

Submit your blog to web directories. It is an easy way to get backlinks. This method is not very popular. Avoid such web directories that ask you to give a backlink.
Some other ways

Apart from all this, there is a lot more popular way of helping you to get backlink some are:

  • Guest Blogging
  • After adding your website on Social bookmarking site, you can get a backlink.
  • Link on Social Media and share post on it
  • Answering and Asking a question on various dofollow forms
  • Help people on the form
  • Broken link building


I hope now you understand about backlinks. If you are a new blogger, then I will suggest you that make a good quality backlink because it is too complicated to rank your website on google very quickly. So if you are a full-time blogger, then you have to focus only on quality backlinks. Here my meaning of quality backlinks is that suppose if you have 100 backlinks from low authority website then it is equal to the one backlink from a high authority website.

So if you want to rank your website then find high authority website and write a guest post and ask for them to give you a backlink. As when google will see that a high authority website recommends to your site, then it automatically increases your rank. So focus only on quality backlink.

I hope guys, you will understand in this post that what is backlink and what is the ways to get the backlinks. So guys if you link this post then share it to your friends and relatives. Your small contributions give me the motivation to provide you with the best article. So if you learn anything new from here then also comment below and tell us which way you like the most.

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