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What is Blog- Explanation of the Concept of Blogging

What is Blog

What is Blog- Explanation of the Concept of Blogging

Have you heard the word blog? Do you know what the blog is or what is Blog’s Definition or Meaning? Do you know what blogging is and who does blogging? Do you know why people make a blog?

If you do not know then leave it, don’t worried now because you can claim 100% in the post while reading this post and you will have the answers to all the questions asked above while you will also get much information about Blog Some basics will have known.

What is a Blog

A blog is an online platform where you can publish your thoughts on the internet through articles and images. On the blog, you can write any objects that may or may not connect to your life.

Some people love to write about their picnic on their blogs or about which tour they associated with their life. Some people post things related to their knowledge on their blogs like any teacher math’s tips, any mobile specialist mobile tips or new updates to any technology.

What is the Definition of Blog

To understand what a blog is, first of all, follow some of the blog’s definitions. Although it seems a bit boring, it is essential to read.

# 1 Definition of Blog by Howard Weblogs

A blog (in short weblog) is a hierarchy of images, text, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be seen in an HTML browser. – Howard Weblogs

# 2 Definition of the blog in Wikipedia

A blog is a conversation or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”) – Wikipedia

Book # 3 – Definition of Blog in the Fundamentals of Information Technology

A blog is a collection of posts…short, informal, sometimes controversial, and sometimes profoundly personal…with the freshest information at the top.–Fundamentals of Information Technology

The Benefits of Creating a Blog

  • There is no need for any job because the blogging job is much better than that.
  • You can start your online business through blogs.
  • If you already have a business, then you can get as many customers as possible.
  • Making money from becoming a blogger comes later, the first thing you can do is improve your writing skills.
  • You will get an author rank which is an honour.
  • Your post is easy to reach people on the blog, and their ideas can also easily accessed through your comments.
  • As our blog progresses, in the online world, we get much opportunity to learn a lot from so many people.
  • You may establish as an expert in your field.
  • You can create your online platform.
  • It can also increase your experience in SEO which is very important.
  • With the help of your email subscription choice, you can also get many email subscribers.
  • You can sell a variety of things on the blog like – digital product, assistance.
  • You can express your thoughts in front of the world through the blog.

What is the difference between a blog and a website


  1. Posts posted in the blog, which issued according to the date, day and time.
  2. Posts in the blog regularly post.
  3. A blog has a commentary section for readers.
  4. The blog has an RSS feed that the Visitors / Readers can subscribe to your blog.
  5. A blog can be a portion of a website.


  1. The website’s homepage is static.
  2. A website can create for a variety of reasons, such as to sell the product, the Fan website for your followers, the Social or Chatting webpage, Shopping or e-Commerce website, to give information to your site visitors.
  3. After the homepage of the website, there are other service pages which are all static.

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Let’s understand the blog term a bit

With the above definitions of Blog, we have come to understand what the blog is, but there are some words related to it such as Blogger, Blogging, which is very important to know about it.

Who called Blogger

Any person who creates a blog that takes care of everything else on that site is called Blogger. Blogging has become popular because of writing these good people’s blog posts.

What is blogging

Blogging is the way to write posts on a blog. In blogging, people update their own daily experience and also write about the current affairs.

Who does blogging, and who is Qualified for it

Blogging on the Internet at present is popular. Anyone can do blogging, who wants to express his ideas and thoughts to the people from his or her site.

These are people like us, who sit at home and post an article on their blog and do blogging. You have a desire to publish your knowledge on the internet through a column (post) to the people.

Blogging does not require any qualification. You have your blog, an Internet Connection and a Computer (PC). If you do not have your computer or PC, you can also go to Cyber Cafe, but getting a PC is more secure.

Why do people start a blog and want to blog

It is a straightforward question that I have heard when asking people. People ask – Why do people build Blog or Niche sites? What are the purposes for blogging to people?

The simple explanation of this simple question is that people can keep their Talent, Knowledge, and Passion in front of the entire world by Blog.

The Internet is a platform where your limit is infinite. He is on you where you want to stand. A blogger can reach out to millions of people through his blog, just by the subscriber of his blog and visitors should have that power.

There are such blogs online that post their own day’s work on their blog and share them with people. However, most of the bloggers are those who share their extreme knowledge by not telling the things related to their life. Such people like blogs because they give them the solution to their Problems.

A blog can create any topic – mobile tips, technology, health or any subject.

These are the points that are needed to create a blog

A blog is straightforward to start. However, before that, you need some things. To know, what we need read below –

# 1 Domain

A domain is a service that relates to a web hosting and stabilizes any business or person online.

We suggest NameCheap purchase a domain, but if you want to get the hosting from BlueHost, you will find it in Domain Free.

# 2 Web Hosting

Hosting or web hosting is a platform that allows a company or individual to create their websites on the internet. Your website pages, posts and images displayed on the internet with the help of their server.
You can create your blog on some better platforms on the Internet.

# 3 Blog Platform

After that, choosing the right blog platform. There are many blog platforms on the internet, but we recommend the WordPress. In this, you get lots of features which are not present in any of the blogging platforms.

You can also create your blog in Google’s free blogging platform BlogSpot (Blogger). What if you post on this blog? If you are right, then please tell us your suggestions through the comment.

In the next post, we will tell you how to create an excellent High Traffic Successful Blog.


So, friend, I hope now you understand what a blog is. In short form, we can say that a blog is a platform where we can share our thoughts, ideas, information and so forth.

If you love this article, then share it with Facebook, twitter and google plus. If you have any doubt regarding blogging, then you can contact us or comment below.

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