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What is SEO

What is SEO

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What is SEO

Lots of people have the question that What is SEO, What is the need for SEO? I know there all lots of people who have the same problem. So today we decide that we will explain to you everything about SEO. SEO means or the full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a process which helps us to rank our website in Google. There are lots of activity in SEO by applying that we list our website on Google, which increases the traffic of our site. Let’s talk about the topic What is SEO.

Why we need SEO- In today’s time there are lots of scope of online business. Everything is available on the internet. If you are working on the online store, then it is necessary to have a website for your business. Apart from this, it is not required to have only a site but also essential to rank that website on the Google because if your website does not have good rank then you will not get good traffic, and you can’t do good business. Then to bring our website on google, we need SEO.

SEO are two types-

1. ON-Page SEO

2. OFF-Page SEO

Now we will understand the kinds of SEO in details.


1. Website Speed-

1. If your website speed is 1-5 second, then your website is fast

2. If your website speed is 5-10 second then your site is average- It needs to improve.

3. If your website speed is >10 second then your website is poor- You have to repair it immediately.

Why is speed Slow

When we upload large images and large JavaScript code, then our website become slow.  To load the image and JavaScript code, it takes some time. So take care of it that the size of your image and JavaScript should be small.

2. Title Tag-

The title tag has an impact role for ranking any website. The more optimise your title is, the more benefit you will get.

How to Make a Good Title

Meta title should not be more than the 70 characters. Try to enter your title once in the title. The critical point doesn’t repeat the same keyword in your title because according google it is spam.


1. Make money | Best ways to make money | Earn Money Online- Good Title

2. Make Money | Make Money | Best ways to make money- Bad Title

3. Meta Description-

By using Meta descriptions, we tell which subject our site is on. Like- It is in sports or on tourism and so forth.

How to make a good description-

The meta description would not be more than 160 characters because google reads more than that. In the report, more and more synonyms words and try that your keyword will include in your Meta description at least one time.


1. Make money online- We give you lots of ways to make money online. – Good Description

2. We offer you lots of ways to make money online. –Bad Description

4. Hidden Content-

On your website, there should not be any hidden content. There are lots of people who put some material to his page but hide it for the excellent rank. Due to which the visitors who came to their website didn’t see that content. Google hate this type of material.

5. Keyword Density-

It is also a good factor. Keyword density means that how many time your keyword repeated in your content. Keyword density should only 5% not more than that otherwise it will be harmful to your website.

6. URL Structure-

Your post URL helps to rank up your site. Your post URL should be in that manner that when Google reads it, then it identifies that which topic it is related.

Example- https://www.indiatechmoney.com/?id=12.html – wrong way

https://www.indiatechmoney.com/ what-is-SEO/- correct way

7. Image Alt Tag-

Lots of people don’t know that Google didn’t read the images. It understands only the alt lag which is on the pictures and identifies which type of model is it. For Example- Suppose you upload an image of Flower but you didn’t write the alt tag then Google can’t identify the picture, but if it defines flower in alt tag then google will understand that it is an image of the flower.

8. Internal Links-

In your post put some different post link also but remember that in any position there should not be more than five internal links because the reader confuses after seeing lots of links.

9. Bold Important keyword-

If you want to rank any post, then put that post in “Bold” tag. Bold means attention because after doing this google understand that what is the focus of the job.

10. Enable Gzip Compression-

When we use Gzip compression, our website became lightweight. Gzip compress your HTML. CSS, JavaScript code from which the loading speed of your site became fast.

11. Responsive Website-

A responsive website means that when it open in mobile or computer then it adjust his height and width according to the device.  If you want to check that your site is responsive then resize your browser, you can see below in the image that your website is sensitive or not.

12. Website Structure

Make your website’s look user-friendly. Lots of people use small fonts for his sites. As you know, today’s is the time of smartphone. So lots of people open the website in mobile, so remember that at least your font size should be at least 15px. Apart from this, your heading tag should be properly visible. Your site should look attractive that the reader can enjoy it.

13. Post Length-

As soon as you give the information, the sooner your website will rank. It does not mean that to increase your post length; you write anything on your post. The information content should be significant and try that your post should be at least 1000 words.

14. Sitemap –

A sitemap is a type of map that reads the structure of your website’s position on Google. When Google reads any site, then the crawler of google search the file of name sitemap.xml. If the crawler finds this file, then it scans your website easily otherwise to reach every page of your website crawler face lots of problems. So you should make a sitemap of your site also.

15. Heading Sequence-

In HTML there are some heading tags like- H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. During the use of these heading tags, we have to take care of that it has a sequence.

First H1, Second H2, Third H3…… this is the correct way to use these heading tags. If you do not use it in the same manner, then it will be harmful to your website.

Off Page SEO

If we are talking about the above page, then our primary focus is on the Backlinks. Backlinks support website in a way. The better quality backlinks you have, the more likely you will be in the eyes of Google. Let’s understand what to do for off page SEO.

1. Use Keyword in Post-

Try to start writing posts only with your keywords. Rank increases with keywords at the start of content. Apart from this use keywords in heading tags.

2. Search Engine Submission-

First of all submit your website on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, AltaVista, Excite, Alltheweb, and so forth. Later I will post a submission list for better submission engine.

3. Directory Submission-

You can submit your link to the best directory like – Dmoz, Via search. This website provides a strong backlink.

4. Bookmarking Websites-

The caching frequency of bookmarking site is more than the other websites. You can submit your website on dig.com, newsvine.com, and reddit.com. On the internet, there are thousands of website’s list. You have to remember that don’t bookmark more than 20 in a day. It is also harmful.

5. Use Google+ to boost organic Traffic-

Google+ is a social platform which made by the Google. So Google focuses more on the followers of Google+ and Facebook. Make an attractive profile on Google+ to increase your followers.

 6. Facebook Page-

Everyone knows that Facebook is the fantastic Social networking website where billion of people connected to each other. To promote your site, Facebook is a tremendous platform. Make a Facebook page and make some attractive images then upload it to the Facebook page.

Try to entertain the people and write regularly on your page. It doesn’t mean that you upload only the website related content. Sometimes upload some jokes and quotes to make your page more attractive.

7. Use Twitter and Hashtag-

Twitter is also the favourite platform of the audience. Increase your followers on the twitter and tweets regularly. Use Hashtag also. Using hashtag didn’t increase your ranking, but I increase your traffic.

8. Participate in Question & Answers-

Participate in the website like Quora, Yahoo, and other question-related sites. Try to answer the question and ask a question to the peoples and insert the link of your website in the answer.

9. Classified Submission-

Olx, Quirk is the best-classified website. In the listed site, we can advertise our website free. You can go there and promote your website.

10. Blog Commenting-

Comment on some good traffic websites. Insert your website’s URL into the comment. From here you can get referral traffic and also you will get the strong backlink.

11. Slide Share-

Search some good slide submission website like- slideshare.com, speakerdeck.com. The benefit of these websites is that it will increase your site rank. You will get the referral traffic and also get some backlink.

12. Guest Post-

The website which is famous now, you can write the guest post for them. As the other people will know you, then they will come to your site, and you will get the fantastic traffic.

13. Pinterest Photo Sharing-

Pinterest is also in trends. Make some great image and upload it on the Pinterest. You can insert the link of your website on that image. When someone clicks on that image, then it will automatically come to your site. So it is also an excellent method to increase the traffic of your website.

Friends I hope now you know the basics about the “what is SEO“. If you have any doubt, then you can comment me and if you have any suggestion then also mention. We will appreciate it. If you really think that this is valuable information for you then support us by sharing our post with your friends and also like our pages-

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