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What is SSL Certificate- Know Everything about it

What is SSL Certificate

Today we will know What is SSL Certificate? How does it work and where do we buy it? Millions of people use the Internet every day. Every day, we take some information, purchase a product from the e-commerce site, pay online, create their accounts by providing personal details on many websites and sign in different websites.

Sometimes we have thought, that we give all our data, whether it is your name, mobile number, email address or payment of our card details, all of which we give details. On the internet, are all those people and hackers or who can misuse these things, are they all safe? Very few people think so.

All our data or personal details that we share with any site, we need a secure connection which will keep our data from the third party. If our information is not safe, then it can be stolen. To avoid this problem, today all websites are using a protocol called SSL protocol. However, what is this SSL? Today, I will tell you everything about SSL through this article that What is SSL Certificate and how does it work?

What is SSL

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer, SSL is an encryption protocol used on the Internet. This protocol provides a secure contact with internet browsers and websites, which allows Internet users to exchange their private data with another site safely.

In today’s time, almost all the websites are using SSL. Millions of online business people are using SSL protocols. So that it can protect his customers and the online transactions being done by them and using it would be a reminder to the hacker that he Unable to steal the customer’s data from contact.

What is SSL Certificate

The website that uses SSL, which is their domain name (like www.indiatechmoney.com) has a picture of a locked lock attached to it, which is our in the URL of the Internet browser, and looking at the https in place of the HTTP, with the domain name, it indicates that the website is entirely secure. If a user clicks on the locked picture that appears in the address bar then here you can see the site of which the user is viewing the SSL certification, identification and shows the all other information to the user. Every website has a unique SSL certificate.

With SSL: https://yoursite.com
Without SSL: http://yoursite.com

SSL is also called TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol. It cannot be used only on the website but also e-mail and all other places. If a person is running an e-commerce site, then it is essential to use SSL because all the information is taken to make payments from the customer on this site.

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How does SSL work

I hope now you know that what SSL is. So let’s go to understand that how it works. SSL certificate uses two types of keys; one is a public key, and the other is Private Key. These two keys together make a secure contact, through which the data shared safely.

When we have to know something about a subject or buy something, we write the name of a website in our web browser. After that, the web browser connects with the server of the website that is using the SSL protocol. User requests from the server of his site that they give their identity.

After requesting, the web server sends a copy of its SSL certificate to a public key browser. After that, the user checks the document so that the user can decide whether he can rely on the website to share his private data. Once the user chooses to build on it after the check, he again sends an encrypted message to his server.

The Web server decrypts that encrypt a message; then it sends an acknowledgment to the browser that the SSL encryption should start with the user, after which the user’s private data browser and web server exchange is changed safely, which is entire remains confidential.

Types of SSL Certificate

There are many types of SSLs and different for different websites. Some are cheap, and some are expensive. Let’s know about them.

1. Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificate

With a Multi-Domain SSL help, you can keep 250 domains safe. On this, you can use Domain Validation, Organization Validation and Extended Validation.

2. Wildcard SSL Certificate

With this SSL certificate, you can protect your domain and all sub-domains. Here you get the domain and the organization validation.

3. Domain validated SSL

Most bloggers and small websites use it. It provides safe of medium level.

4. EV SSL Certificate

This SSL built for your business which also displays the name of your company as well as greening the address bar of the web browser. It is a highly recognized and encrypted SSL certificate.

5. Organization Validation SSL

It is used to verify and secure the online business. It tells the customer that they are visiting a secure and verified website.

6. Code Signing Certificate

With this help, you can keep the code of your software safe. Along with this, it also provides your files and application with security.

7. Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

If you desire to secure multiple domains and all their sub-domains together, then you can use it.

Where to buy SSL Certificate

Some of the names of the companies that serve SSL are big names like GoDaddy, BigRock, HostGator and so forth. When we buy a hosting server for our website, then those hosting companies also provide an SSL service where we can buy hosting as well as purchase an SSL certificate for our site which will keep our website safe.

If we buy the SSL certificate from the given companies, then we will have to pay the amount given to them, then we will be able to get the maximum benefit from them. However, there are many such companies which offer services of SSL free of charge. One of them is named Let’s Encrypt, a project of the Internet Research Group, which provides free SSL certificates to the public. Let’s Encrypt sponsor many companies like Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Cisco, and so forth.

I hope today you know that What is SSL Certificate. If you want to know that how to get SSL certificate then comment below. I will tell you everything that how to get free SSL and how to add it to the website. If you love this post, then share it to your friends and relatives. If you didn’t understand anything above then comment below, I would clear your doubts.

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