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What is Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Do you know, what is Virtual Reality? How is it differs from the original reality? What are its different types? If we want to know all about these things, then you have to read this thoroughly post of Virtual Reality.

Have you ever go to the mars and have you been swimming with the Dolphins or stay between the dinosaurs? What will you feel that if I say to you that you can do all of these things anytime and anywhere? Due to the medium of Virtual Reality, we can grasp the real reality that it exists. If you desire to know more about Virtual Reality, then stay with us because we will tell you about what is Virtual Reality.
Virtual Reality is that an artificial environment which is created by some special software and hardware. A user can feel an artificial environment like- a real situation. In the computer, we think Virtual Reality only in two senses which is sight and sound.

The meaning of Virtual Reality is that create that world which is entirely imaginary but feels like a real world. To make this there is the use of some high-performance computers and sensory equipment, like – Headsets and Gloves. The Virtual Reality is not only used in Games and entertainment but also apply during the training of pilots of airline and for surgeons in operations and even for scientists to understand the structure of the molecules.

So today we decide that we will straightforwardly describe everything about Virtual Reality. So not wasting more time let’s start.
Virtual Reality is made by two words which are ‘Virtual’ and ‘Reality,’ where Virtual meaning is near, and Reality purpose is experience, which we human beings feel. So the sense of Virtual Reality is handling specific type reality emulation.

Virtual Reality is that type of experience which is felt only by the help of computers and hardware which we can handle mentally and physically. Let’s understand some essential features of Virtual Reality.


When you believe in the virtual world, then you will not know that it is Virtual World or not.

2. Computer-generated:

It is essential because it used only powerful machines, in which we use realistic 3D computer graphics for which it is much faster than it can create a believable, interactive, and alternative world. Due to which it can be easily converted into real-time and feel like a real world.

3. Interactive:

It moves with the virtual world where we feel more interactive. If it is not more interactive, then we didn’t call it virtual reality.

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4. Explorable:

A VR world should be broad and detailed for which we can explore it easily. If a painting is more realistic but not accurate, then it will not be more explorable. So for a good VR, it should be more explorable.


To make a VR more believable and interactive, VR has to immersive our body and mind. If anything is not more attractive, then it can’t attract our brain. So more immersive VR means feel it more real.

That’s why VR is a different world, In which we feel that we are living in an entirely believable virtual world.

Types of Virtual Reality

“Virtual Reality” is mainly used in compelling, interactive video games and 3D movies, television programs. VR is for many kinds. So let’s go to study about the types of Virtual Realities.

Fully immersive

For a complete VR experience, we need three things. One is to explore specific virtual word we need a computer model or simulation. Second is a powerful computer which can quickly detect that what is going on and adjust it in real time. The third is that hardware which is a link to the network in which it completely immerses the virtual world for us. Often we wear a head-mounted display (HMD) in which two screens and stereo sound.


The best example of non-immersive virtual reality is a realistic flight simulator in our home’s pc. When we use a widescreen, headphones and surround sound, a real joystick and the other one is controls because there is no need of fully immersed reality for all peoples, but it is nearly like that.


There are lots of games like- Second Life and Minecraft, which follows all four (believable, interactive, computer-created and explorable) criteria of VR but they are not following the fifth criteria which immersed, but in this, there is a cutting-edge VR which is collaboration. Collaboration and sharing are the most critical feature of VR.


There was a time when the Virtual reality is hottest, fastest-growing technology during the late 1980s and early 1990s, but when the world wide web is more popular then people taking less interest in virtual reality. Even though the Computer scientists know to make virtual worlds on the internet but it also not so famous.

What equipment do we use in Virtual reality

If you saw any people who are using Virtual reality, then you have also seen some stuff. The difference between the ordinary computer experience and VR experience depends on the nature of his input and output. Where an average computer use keyword, mouse, speech recognition and another hand a VR use sensors to detect that is our body is moving or not.

As for where a pc display his output on the screen, but the VR use two monitors, stereo and surround-sound speakers also use haptic feedback. Let’s move to know about some input and output devices which used in VR Technology.

Head-mounted Displays (HMDs)

The difference between a VR and the regular computer screen is that in VR, we can see the movement of a 3D image smoothly, in real time, as well as when we move our head. It is possible because a user wears a mounted display, which is looking like a motorbike helmet. It contains two small screens (for each eye), a blackout blindfold which blocks the outside light.

Moreover, a stereo headphone. These two screens display slightly different stereoscopic image. Which called realistic 3D perspective of the virtual world? In HMDs it usually contains built-in accelerometers or position sensors which detect that how we move our head and body and it adjusts the picture in that way.

Immersive Rooms

Immersive rooms used as an alternate of HMD. Here a user is placed in that room where an image displayed on the walls of the room changed from the outside. As well as you move into the room, then the model will also run in that way. Flight simulators comely use this type of technique, where the image of landscapes, cities, and airport approaches in the project. In a large screen room, we feel reality in some different way.


It is the truth that there is any reality we desire to touch it. In VR technology we can feel it by Datagloves. In these datagloves there in insert sensors which are attached by a wire outside of the gloves. Which can detect our motion easily? Here, we use the fibre-optic cables; those can be stretched the length by our fingers.

Every cable has tiny cuts, As well as you back and forth the fingers then there is the small and large amount of light escape in these cuts. There is a photocell cable in the end which measure the light that how much light reached to the user from which computer knew that what our fingers and doing. On the other side, there is the use of gloves strain gauges, piezoelectric sensors, or electromechanical devices to measure the finger movement.


A wand is more straightforward compared to dataglove, which is a stick so that we use to interact with the virtual world. It contains position and motion sensors ( like- accelerometers) and also includes scroll wheels or mouse-like buttons.

Application of Virtual Reality

VR technology uses lots of places in our life. Its applications do not use individual but also use in industries and factories. Let’s go to know about its forms.


There is lots of difficult and dangerous job for which too challenging to train. Like- safely practice in space trip, landing a jumbo jet, parachute jump and brain surgery. It is too complicated to do this thing correctly. So there is necessarily a good practice to do this. So for doing it correctly. We use Virtual Reality for training.

Scientific visualization

Anything which is on the scale of atomic and molecular is approximately invisible. To see this, we have to sit in the front of the electron microscope. As if we want to design materials and drugs then we have to experiment on their molecular equivalent. These all things all the application of Virtual Reality. You didn’t fight with the 2D drawing of numbers, equations, or molecular structure but you can make it in front of your eyes.


VR technology is used in surgical training and drug design and also apply in the telemedicine. For example, a surgeon is stayed at a place and control robot by a remote location, here VR technology is also used in operations. From this, any problematic surgery could do without any doctor.

Games and Entertainment

VR technology used approx. In all places like flight simulators, race-car and games. Due to which the game experience is excellent now. If I talked about the earlier technology then we have only 3D experience which is the little bit slow, but now we have decent HMDs and data gloves, Due to we can experience better with the only budget amount.

Advantages & Disadvantage of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is that type of existence which creates the help of some technology that looks like real reality. We know everything in this world has some pros and cons. So Virtual Reality also has some pros and cons. Let’s go to see the pros and cons of Virtual Reality.

What is Pros:

1. It is better than reality.

Usually, what we saw in this it is better than the real world. Virtual reality used in video games due to which user feel that he is in the other world. Sound and graphics use in VR in that way that user didn’t think that it is the different world.

2. Used in different-different field

Due to extensive features, the Virtual reality used in lots of areas like- military, education and healthcare. It gives lots of dimension in these fields. VR is also used in aviation and architecture to see the final result.

3. It helps to connect the people

From the medium of Virtual reality, we can communicate with the other peoples, which we don’t know in our real life. It helps to make the relationship with others.

4. Provide full details

Virtual reality provides the complete overview of any place. It is better for the tourism sites because we can see the area without going there. So from this, we can plan our trip, and we can see the real locations.

5. Effective communication

From the medium of Virtual reality, we can effectively communicate, and a user can enjoy talking to others. From this, a user takes perfect experience from this.

What is Cons

1. High cost

This technology is more costly than the others. Due to which everyone can’t afford it.

2. Feeling of worthlessness

Due to the use of Virtual reality, User feels that they escape the real world which is not good. A user waste lots of time in this which is more dangerous.

3. Addiction

Often the user became more addicted to the Virtual world due to which they didn’t like the real world. They love the Virtual world than the real world. From this, they are suffering from lots of health issue.

4. Training is not practical in VR environment

It happens lots of time that a person does proper training in the VR world, but it does not perform right in the real world. If, we compare the results of Virtual reality and the results of the real-world than there is the big difference in their outcome.

I hope from now you know everything about our topic what is Virtual Reality. So I wish you will share this knowledge with other and gain lots of experience. So like, share our blog and support us because your one contributes motivate us to make the different type of post.

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