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Who is Much Better in YouTube and Blogging for Online Earning

Who is Much Better in YouTube and Blogging for Online Earning

We all know that blogs and YouTube are a great way to earn money. Now even in India, blogging and YouTube careers are now increasing due to the used by many people. Many people earn money from blog and also lots of people make money from YouTube. On YouTube, lots of people showing their talent and spread their videos all over the world. In this post, we will know Who is Much Better in YouTube and Blogging for Online Earning.

YouTube is a platform where you get an opportunity to show your talents and if your video becomes Famous then earning also starts from your videos but those who want to make money from this trend and don’t know that which one we will choose then you are on right place. If you read this article carefully then definitely you can understand which one is better.


You know very well that we have to write in blogging but what you have to do for it is all I have written in here. Hopefully, you all will understand

(1) To blogging, you must first purchase “domain name” and “hosting.”
(2) You also need to know about SEO for blogging.
(3) It is essential that your writing skills be excellent, as much as you write unique, your blog will be accessible.
(4) You have to keep in mind that you stay regular on Blog and follow the weekly post to keep your blog working continuously so that your readers constantly connected to you.
(5) You will also require a laptop or computer so that you can work consistently on your blog.


We have to upload videos on YouTube. So here’s what things we need to be described below.

(1) You must be aware of Video Editing to upload videos on YouTube

(2) If you don’t have any information of the video editing then you can also have an editor, but it can be costly in the beginning, then you keep editing the info yourself, it is better for you.

(3) You must be aware of YouTube SEO

(4) For video recording, you will need a camera or a computer or laptop to upload

We have told you in some points that what blogging and YouTube need to do to make a career now, by looking at these points, it seems that YouTube is a bit easier but now we will learn both the advantages and disadvantages of blogging and YouTube.

Blogging Vs YouTube Benefit and Disadvantages

(1) The most significant advantage of blogging is that nobody can stop our blog due to blogging’s domain name and hosting, but due to a slight mistake on YouTube, our channel may be closed
(2) In the blog, we can use any Ads Network, but on YouTube, we can only use AdSense
(3) Blogging makes a significant connection between bloggers and readers, Readers connect directly to Blogger via Blogger’s webpage or its profile, but many times on YouTube it is not known that who runs the channel.
(4) From the blog, we can create a newsletter, i.e. e-mail list which can be used anytime without a blog but also YouTube Channel.
(5) Blogging requires much knowledge, such as SEO, Writing, Domain, Hosting but you do not need so many needs for YouTube.
(6) To earn money from blogging, you must do design, theme set up and write correctly but on YouTube, there is no need for these things. You have to shoot a video and edit it and then upload it on your channel.
(7) Blogging lets you earn money by selling affiliate products, but this does not happen on YouTube.

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Blog Vs YouTube Earning Options

Both Blogging and YouTube are mostly made earning from AdSense, and only two things kept in mind for earning AdSense

View –

There are many views over blogs on YouTube, but if things are just about to be seen, then you can put many ads on the same page in the blog, which also increases the view of Ads by itself 5 to 6 times.

CPC (Cost per Click) –

Blogs are the best in this case because Cost per Click is high on the blog. So, a blog is best here, and due to this, we can also do the top CPC keywords that we have.

Would it be great to have both Blogging and YouTube together?

You can do both things together too. However, again, two things matter, time and efforts If you have so much time that you can do both things together, and you can work hard for it, then you do.

Most people do not even have the time to do any of the options in both blogging or YouTube on the side of their business or job. Now it entirely depends on you how much you can devote yourself to this work.

There are lots of people who manage both blogs and YouTube, but if you work both the platforms, then you will not get any time for yourself. So if you want to plan to run both the platforms, then you have to do much hard work.

Now everything depends on you! However, so much, that the fruit of tone and hard work is very much- much sweeter.


So I told you all that what you need in blogging and YouTube and what you need to do for the blog and the YouTube channel. Now the thing is that which one is the best in Blogging and YouTube. I can say that both the platform is better according to their services but in my point of view, if you are right in writing, then you should choose to blog because it is a better platform for you.

Now if you have different talent, and also you know how to edit a video, then you have to go to YouTube. It is the most widely used platform nowadays.

I hope guys this article is helpful for you. Don’t ignore to share this post with your friends and also share it on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any doubt above then comment below, I will help you as much as I can.
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