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WordPress Vs Blogger-which is the greater platform

WordPress Vs Blogger

WordPress Vs Blogger-which is the greater platform

As or topic is  WordPress Vs Blogger. There is lots of platform for blogging, where you can manage your blog and contents. The question arises that, which platform is better WordPress vs Blogger vs Tumbler? These are the only best three platform but apart from this there is lots of blogging platform is available. But we will not discuss all; we will consider only two popular blogging platforms which is WordPress vs Blogger.
Initially, many bloggers use Blogspot, and after that, they shift to WordPress. It doesn’t mean that Blogspot is not better. Lots of favourite bloggers are using Blogspot platform.

WordPress has 2 version, one is WordPress.com, and another one is WordPress.org. Both of them one is free, and for another, you have to buy hosting. In this post, we will talk about the self-hosted WordPress blog.


Blogger started by a company called by Pierre and Google purchased it in 2003. Now, blogger.com and blogspot.com are the property of Google. It’s all scripts and data is stored on the Google server, and you can’t access the google server. If you own a Gmail account, then you can quickly open a blog. You can open 100 blogs from one account. But, it stored in the googles server. It means that if Google wants to delete your account then it can remove it anytime and you can’t clam for that.

In the self-hosted WordPress, you have to install WordPress software on hosting, and you are the boss of it, and you can operate it anytime. You have stored all the data which can transfer to any other hosting. So let’s compare both of them WordPress Vs Blogger.


In Blogger, We get only a simple managing system for a blog, from which you can efficiently manage the blog but if you want to add something extra, then it is not possible. Whatever options are given to you, you have to work unnecessarily.

WordPress is an open source software. It means that you can modify it as you want and also you can add any features which you want. If you’re going to make a website for your company, then you can quickly make it in WordPress. WordPress.org has lots of plugins, which provide the new feature for your site. You can change lots of thing in your website without know the coding after using the plugins.

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Now I am talking about the templets; Templets is a design. From which you can change the look of your blog. When we speak about the Blogspot, then it contains very low official templates, and a new blogger can’t turn it according to itself. There are lots of non-official websites which provide free and paid templets, but they are deficient quality.

But for the WordPress blog, there are lots of free and premium templets available. Whatever be your blog or company website, you will get here lots of better theme. From which you can design your blog as you want and it is better to modify the template in WordPress rather than the blogspot.


Google is the best website in the world, and the blogger platform hosted on the server of Google. If you make your blog in the blogspot, then you will get the strong security of google. No one can hack your blog quickly, and no matter how much traffic you are getting, Google will manage them efficiently. Its means is that your blog will never be slow due to the high traffic.

WordPress is also secure, but here you have to manage it. If you are using the limited resource hosted platform, then it can’t handle high traffic. You have to purchase an authoritative server and have to use WordPress plugins, which will save your blog to hackers and keeps your blog secure.


Transferring your blog into another platform in Blogspot is easy. Blogger provides the facility of export, but you can’t keep it as they are on the different platform. It will have a harmful effect on your SEO. Due to which your visitors will decrease and you which will cause significant harm to you.

Either you want to transfer WordPress into another hosting or another platform then you can do it very quickly.


Blogger is far behind to adding new features or getting updates. Sometimes the new element is attached to it. It is equal to none. Google closed their lots of products in past days. So it doesn’t mean that it will not close blogger in the feature.

Due to the open source software, WordPress is not depended to any developer and company, and the main thing is that in this you will get lots of updates in a year and you can transform it as you want. If we saw WordPress Vs Blogger on the world level, then you will find that lots of big company depend on the WordPress.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In the case of SEO, Blogger has been a little better than before. But not enough to fulfill all your needs.
WordPress is SEO friendly and has many free and premium plugins, with the help of which you can quickly improve the SEO of your blog. Regarding SEO, WordPress is the best in between BlogSpot vs WordPress.

In all the above points, you will defiantly know what you will get and what is not. I’m using WordPress myself; it means I’m taking his side. Both the platforms are right in your place. But you have to decide what is right for you.

My first blog was started in BlogSpot and later shifted to WordPress. If you do not know about blogging, how did it do it? So, BlogSpot is the right platform for you. You do not have to spend any money on it. During blogging, you can register on wordpress.com and practice that how he works.

According to me between WordPress and Blogger, I will go for WordPress because there are lots of plugins and feature which you can’t find on BlogSpot. So if you are serious about Blogging then choose WordPress. But, if you are learning about blogging then go to BlogSpot. Here you can know many things very quickly.
I hope that you like this post and it will be helpful for you to choose the right platform. Still, you have doubt or want any information then you can ask me.So I hope this information will help you about WordPress Vs Blogger.

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