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Work From Home Without Investment

Work From Home Without Investment

I started to earn money online for the past five years. It was my very hard working time. You will not believe that in my first year I didn’t get any amount, but I never give up.
The time passed. When I enter in the year 2014, this is the year when my earning increases. I have crossed $100 for the first two months of 2015. Now, I am earning more than $5000+ from these methods. To know read below Work From Home Without Investment

In this post, I will tell you the best method which I follow to earn money online. If you are searching for the ways to make money online, then this post is only for you.
I have mentioned 22 ways; if you follow all the ways then definitely you can make money soon.

I have mentioned below all those ways which I have used or where I am earning. In this post, you will also know that which website gives me the highest earning.

So please read all the ways carefully, I have described every detail which you have to know.

1. Ad Reading Work from Home

It is the most favorite work to make money from home. Millions of people use this method to earn money online. I have mention all the websites where you can earn money.
I am making around $500 from this single job. When I started ad reading job, I was hardly earning $1 to $10 per month, but now I make more than $500 from this single job.
Here, you can get paid merely by clicking & watching the ads for a few seconds.

I have researched & tested dozens of sites & after working for months, I can say there are 5-6 sites which not only pay good income but always pay on time.
You can check my favorite list here, and then join all sites to make the top income in part-time.

Another similar job which gives me $400 to $500 per month is GPT job where you need to complete short and straightforward tasks & offers.
You can find the list of my favorite GPT sites here (link will be activated soon).

2. Online Surveys from House

Nowadays everyone understands online surveys & desire to make some additional earnings by working online from his or her house. Online surveys are the excellent options for homemakers, part-timers, College students or others. You can signup with good survey websites & making money by completing various surveys.

You can signup with good survey sites & start making money by completing various surveys.

I earn almost $250 per month from survey websites.

You can verify this online survey post to obtain top 20 surveys websites & to know more about this online way.

You can signup here to get Indiatechmoney Training Package where I will show you how can you earn $5000 like me from work from home jobs.

3. Blogging


Although I make more than $3000+ from blogging, I listed this option on number 3 because the first two jobs are straightforward and anyone can earn from above two work from home jobs.

You require to work hard in blogging, and it may take 3 to 4 months to make your first earnings from blogging.

If you are watching for an authentic & permanent origin of income, then there is no other choice than blogging. You can work here part time or full time. Apart from this, it takes time to understand the whole concept of blogging once you establish in this work, you can make a very suitable income that people don’t make even in full-time.

We have designed one of the excellent training material that can help you to know this work from house idea. You can subscribe here so that we can mail you the step by step instruction that you can quickly learn & start blogging.

There is no fee. Everything on this website is FREE of cost.

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4. Work as VA from House

Millions of people all over the internet are working from home as a virtual assistant (VA) & merely earn good money depending on the time & their abilities.
You can signup on several types of websites to work as a virtual assistant & charge $2-$10 (Rs.100 to Rs.1000) per hour for serving as a virtual assistant.

People hire you as per your specified skills & their budget & pay you as per the decided price between both of you.

You can work for 1 hours, 8 hours or days as per the demand.

You can verify this post on methods to earn money online & check the virtual assistant section to get the list of websites where you can act as a virtual assistant.

5. Work from Home Writer


There are lots of work on the internet if you have excellent writing skills. You can make $5 to $10 or more for writing 600 words content.There are several types of writing jobs like writing for blogs & websites, proofreading, academic writing, copywriting and so forth.

There are dozens of freelance sites like Fiverr, iWriter, UpWork, Freelancer, and so forth. Where you can signup & get lots of writing jobs.

6. Captcha Work

There is a massive need for captcha entry worker on the internet. As a captcha entry operator, you can work online from home & earn up to $250 (Rs 17,000) per month.

There are some of the most significant sites that pay $2 to $3 for typing 1000 captchas. If you are curious in this work from home job, then you require to register on captcha sites & start typing captchas.

You can examine the list of 10 best captcha website here( link will be activated soon).

7. Offline & Online Data Entry Jobs

You can find a complete list of real data entry jobs here. There are many scam corporations, and not all are legitimate companies so you should be alert while selecting the company.
Also, don’t spend any money on registration fees as they are scams. In Data entry business you have to type the data as per the guidelines and submit the work to the company ere the deadline.

It is a straightforward work at home job, and no additional eligibility or experience is needed.
In this method, you have to collect the work from the company’s office or else the company onward the work by courier or post.

You can obtain here 6 Best Places to Find Data Entry Jobs(link will be activated soon).

8. Micro-working

It is another famous work from home job where you can earn money by completing different types of simple tasks.

Some websites provide a micro job. You can signup there as a micro-worker & earn money by doing simple assignments such as watching a video, recognize & compare images, change sentence or paragraph, like a Facebook or Twitter page and so forth.

We will give you the list of some of the best websites in our Indiatechmoney training package where you can connect as a micro worker & start earning.

9. Babysitting from Home

If you like kids and can take good care of them, then you can begin your Babysitting. In this method from home. You can earn quite a handsome income.However, you should have significant space in your house or else extra bedroom so that other family person will not be disturbed.

You can begin this job by taking care of your relatives or neighbors kids. You need to select the number of kids you can handle at a time before starting this. You have to do some activities to hold the kids busy. In this job also you don’t have to spend any money as you can begin it from your home.

Here also you don’t need any extra eligibility. You can set the babysitting timings as per the parent’s support and can also give food or snacks to the kids.

10. Fiverr


Fiverr is the most recommended choice for all work from home people. You can become a seller on Fiverr & do hundreds of different things. It’s easy to work on Fiverr & the only thing you require to do is learn some abilities that you can do on Fiverr.

We have seen millions of people who said they don’t have any skills & idea of working on Fiverr are earning more than $200 (Rs.12,000) per month on Fiverr.

We have created a complete guide on Fiverr that will help you to work as a seller & how to tricks on getting more orders from your client.

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11. Work at Home Tutor

In this job also you don’t have to invest any money only you should have interest in studies. Yes, you can take your tuition classes from your home.If you are staying in a big society then here also you can quickly get the students. The parents prefer the tuition classes which are nearby their house.

Also before starting the tuition, you can inform your neighbors or friends. You can begin taking teachings with any subject you are proficient, not necessary to teach all subjects.

However, it will be helpful for the students if you take all the subjects as students favor the tuition classes which use all the matters.

12. YouTube Channel

If you love to make videos on your mobile then uploading the same videos on YouTube can earn you the pretty income.The only thing you require to do is signup as a YouTube partner.
There is nothing similar you have to make a video on a particular topic.

You can make videos like cooking at home, some funny discussions among your friends, tech videos, videos of a restaurant or some unboxing the product, some traveling or anything according to your interest.

Do you know some of Youtuber earns millions of dollar on a single video? Read More

13. Food Delivery Service

It is another famous work from home workers & almost new way where you can get a good income. Now restaurants get more than 25% of order for food delivery at their customers home.

Many of the small restaurants do not provide this service because they can’t afford this & big restaurants need to hire some staffs because customers order from different locations.
You can take benefits of it.

You can talk to the restaurants to provide this service & you can tell that they can decrease the expense of hiring the staff or even managing the team & order. Beginning, You work alone there is no problem but if your work increases then you can hare some staff.

14. Mystery Shopping

You can manage as a mystery shopper for the number of big brands. As a mystery shopper, you have to visit different stores, restaurants, theatres, hotels, hospitals and so forth & do some shopping or buy their services.

While shopping, you need to check the number of things similar reviewing the performance of the staff, your satisfaction level as a client & your overall experience as per the instructions of the company.

All your expenses will pay by the company & you will also get paid by the company for doing the work. Sometimes you can keep the items you have purchased.
There is the number of mystery shopping companies; we will send you once you are signup free.

15. Online selling job from home

It is another excellent work from home job for you. You have already witnessed the massive growth of online shopping.

You can become an online seller with the number of distinct portals like Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, eBay.com, Snapdeal.com & others sell products online.

If you are troubled about how to & what to sell then you don’t need to worry as there are millions of sellers on these sites who had no idea but now they are best sellers on these websites. Just walk to your local market & do some research & I am sure you can find the number of excellent products that you can examine selling on these shopping websites.

16. Real Estate Agent

I like this business & so everyone. I don’t want to tell you about real estate prices. Even if you sell one small property in a month, you can earn more than Rs.50,000/-.

Moreover, there is no need for any skill or experience for this job. Only thing, you have to contact other real estate agents in your area & check the properties that are available for lease or sale.

Then you can advertise on property sites or classified websites about the available properties. Customers will call you & visit your place for checking the land or house.
You can do it alone or keep one agent who can show the properties.

17. consultancy & Provide training from home

If you are skillful in any work or have some skills that people desire to learn, then you can begin giving training or consultancy that you can provide it at home.

You can provide training for English, dance, chess, guitar, computer or provide consultancy for vastu, buying stocks or a house or anything that you know very well.

18. Become a Home Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist types what is delivered directly to him or her or by hearing to an audio recording. You want to learn or take the training if you’re going to do this job.

There are different types of transcriptionist including general, medical & real-time & your income depend on the kind & your knowledge to accomplish the work.

19. Beauty Parlour

Today every person goes to the Beauty Parlour, and everyone wants to look good. It is also a good job to start at home.

Before starting a beauty parlor from home, you have done a Beautician course which is of 2-3 months and later experience of working as a beautician required.

Also, some investment is required, but here too you can earn quite a handsome money. Here also mouth publicity is needed you can inform your neighbors and friends.

20. Work at Home Insurance Agent

It is also an excellent job to work from home. If you are going to work as an Insurance Agent, then you have to qualify for the insurance exams, and after that, you can work as an insurance agent.

Today’s time everyone needs the insurance and its essential for our life, and we always search an excellent insurance policy. As an insurance agent, you can elaborate the importance of insurance to the customers.

In this job you have some excellent communication skills then o you can get new customers quickly. You have to convince them to buy the right policy. You can start with your relatives, neighbors, and friends.

21. Catering Service

If you like cooking or it is your passion then apparently you can think to start a Tiffin service or a catering service from your house. Today everyone is too busy in his life, and it’s not possible for some tightly scheduled working women to cook food at home.

Also in the city, many bachelors don’t know that how to cook food. For all these people you can begin a catering service or a Tiffin service at a budget rate.  Even you can begin with any other dish which is your skill and later move on to another dishes. Here you will need some investment but not immensely, as you are starting from home.

You can inform about your services to your neighbors, relatives and also those working people. In the feature, If you see that the business increases then you can hire some staff.

22. Work at Home Networker

If you have excellent communication skills, friendly nature and lots of friends circle then inevitably you can begin with any significant network marketing or any MLM company.You require to bring your friends and family to this business after joining an MLM company.

For each & every member who joins with your network (directly or indirectly), you will get rewarded an attractive commission. More massive your network, more your commission.

You can do this work at home. You can advertise your company online to expand your network all over the country. You can earn excellent returns through many works at home jobs.

Apart from this the above 20 work from home jobs, you can review these online jobs that can pay you $1000 or more working from home in your free time. You can signup here to get our Indiatechmoney Training Package that will guide you to earn money from all above work from home jobs.

I hope guys, this method will help you. You can choose any one the above method which is suitable for you or in your budget. If this post, then share it with your friends and relatives. If you have any doubt on the above methods then you can comment below, I will help you to find your best way.

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